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View reviews and photos of Diving & Snorkeling in Apia, Samoa on TripAdvisor. It' a great experience in Samoa. We' ll take you, your family and friends on a boat trip to some of the best snorkeling spots in the area, all full of fish life, turtles and beautiful corals. Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in Samoa. During two years when Sam and I lived in Tonga, it was part of his work to see the Peace Corps volunteers who also lived in Samoa.

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Nowhere in Samoa is it really'free' to go swimming or snorkelling. It can be between 10 and 25 talas, according to the type of beaches. Aqua Samoa Watersports' boys, located at Aggies, will point you in the right directions without necessarily selling you anything.

Samoa has many great snorkeling spots on both Upolu and Savaii. The Lalomanu is probably one of the best and you can either take a trip there (which involves a longer stay for snorkeling and lunch) or rent a vehicle and go there (about 100 talas per day), and then you have to buy 20 talas each to leave and swim/dive on the shore, but in the long run it is less expensive than a trip if you want to use the vehicles for a few nights.

There' s really nowhere near aggi's that I would invite to snorkel, except at the riff, and you'd have to get someone from Aqua Samoa to take you or rent you a sail. The best thing I think is to rent a vehicle and then go to the southern coastline, Lalomanu, the bays around Matereva and to the eastern part along the Aleipata-coastline.

Also in the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve in Apia you can snorkel well. Alternatively, you can stay at one of the resort locations on the southern shore - Sinalei, Coconuts or Virgin Cove - and then you'll be much nearer to the best snorkeling sites. So if you choose to rent a vehicle, let me know and I'll give you some people.

Snorkelling in Samoa - Palolo Deep Marine Reserve, Apia Traveller Rewiews

This seemed to be very secure and if you weren't too scared of snorkeling in deeper waters, a view right around the rim of the deeper pits was superb. They can also remain nearer to the spot where it is flat. Each of us had to pay 4 talas to get into the protected area and took our own snorkel equipment with us.

There is a lot to discover even if you don't float over the one. You' re gonna see some beautiful little people out there. It was a great snorkeling, although I was assaulted by a presser fishy (10cm long), but enough to keep a little bump on my arms where he bitten me - must have been stood on his bite.

Shower to cleanse yourself from saltwater after snorkeling. Were you in the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve?

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