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View reviews and photos of shops, malls and sales outlets in Samoa on TripAdvisor. Take advantage of Frommer's updated online guide to Samoa's best shopping, from the most interesting shops to the best shopping areas. It is relatively cheap for western visitors. Shop every day except Sunday at the Apia flea markets on Beach Road. I' m a local cook and now also a tour guide who would like to share the beauty of Samoa with you.

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Though not in the crowd you will find in Tonga, the Samoans make superb hand-made hampers, bowls, wallets, doormats, serviette bands, place settings and compartments made of panda and other native material, as well as some wood carvings. Aggie' s Gift Shop, next to Aggie Grey's Hotel & Bungalows (Tel. 23-626), has Apia's best choice of high class handicraft and Samoan items like sand-wood soaps, small sachets of cava and watercolours by indigenous art.

Craftwork includes shell jewellery and siapote scarf, wood sculptured battles, ceremony cava shells and sumptuous chiefs' sticks (known as tootoo). Clothes are handmade shielded lave linens, T-shirts, short and dress. It also has a book store about the Samoas and a Snackbar right on the doorstep. You can see the largest selection of crafts at Old Apia Market, on Beach Road just to the West of Town Clock (no phone).

Formerly Apias greengrocery store, this huge shed is now an overcrowded, very busy garage sale with sellers who sell everything from cosmetic products to footwear (local wag say it's better filled than Apias normal shops because some goods may have passed customs on their way from American Samoa). The best shopping here is in the form of delicate matting and other Samoan crafts; in fact, you can even see native people work.

Pay special attention to the dealer who is selling elaborately cut shells.

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You will probably eat where you are on the island of savaii, unless you have a rented vehicle or a holiday village within easy walk from there. When booking an open-door meal on the shore, the prices usually include breakfasts and dinners, so most mealtimes are including.

When staying at a spa, you will usually include breakfasts and you will be charged separately for lunches and dinners, although some of you can buy meals in advance so you know when you are booking and how much you will spend on the meals. Can' t be much help, but I suggest you mail Samoa Hotels (see above under Useful Information ) for some of your choices.

When you stay in Apia, there are also many cabs and the coach on a Monday when you need them to get to the boat station. When you take a cruise boat, please contact the Apia offices to make sure there is room for your boat.

Merry trips for May of'17. Lucky journeys in Samoa, this must be one of the best review I have ever seen about Samoa. We live at Aggie Greys Beach Resort and your pictures made it look incredible. Guidebook Samoa updates November 2014.

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