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PROBLEMS AND SAMOA; The President is anxious to arrive at any policy. Jean-Christina Fernandez, President of Argentina.

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Death of Samoa Fa'afafine Foundation President and President So'oalo To'oto'oali'i Roger Stanley. So' oalo's work with the club was unsalaried and she also worked full time at the Samoa Tourism Authority. PSGDN (Pacific Sexual and Gender Diversity Network) writes: "Mama Roger, as she was lovingly called in the PSGDN community, was one of the PSGDN's citadels.

On the PSGDN board she was the seated representative of the Samoa Faafafine Association at the moment of her premature death. During her term of office, she was a powerful supporter of the PSGDN's term of office. Besides the many great efforts she has made within the Samoan Faafafine Association, one of her greatest achievements has been to make the Samoan Prime Minister one of her idol.

"Roger was never afraid of a female warrior, and she used that as her strong point to stand up for Fa'afafine in Samoa. So' oalo To'oto'o'oali'i Roger Stanley talked less than a months ago in an audio chat in the Samoa Observer about her work with the Association. Please click here to view the full story. expressed is New Zealand's premier LGBT+ pub.

American Samoa's FEMA costs increased to 90% for Cyclone Gita | American Samoa

Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Aumua Amata is delighted to announce that a concerted effort between Governor Lolo and her American Samoa and Washington, D.C. counterparts has led President Trump's government to further review the needs of American Samoa in relation to the effects of Cyclone Gita. Yesterday evening, the president mercifully changed the FEMA emergency response for American Samoa by raising the federal contribution by 20% to a 90-10 chip from a 75-25 chip, which may have reduced the ASG contribution by tens of tens of thousands or more.

Aumua Amata in the attached note to President Trump on March 1 made the following motion to raise the federal game in favor of Governor Lolo's motion: In recent month, Aumua Amata's and Governor Lolo's lawyers in DC have worked with government agents to inform White House and administrative staff about the uniquely commercial conditions and needs of Samoa during Cyclone Gita's recovering processes and to remind them of the high level of US -Samoans' high level of civilian duty and unshakable allegiance.

The change is that the government of Samoa only needs to make a 10% contribution to obtain federal funding of 25%. "I' d also like to thank Governor Lolo and his crew for their untiring work after Cyclone Gita and the White House and FEMA White House and FEMA law enforcement officials, especially for their continuing response to this and other important questions faced by US Samoa," said Congresswoman Aumua Amata.

President Donald J. Trump published a Major Disaster Statement for the Territory of American Samoa on March 2, 2018, which triggered the freeing of federal funding to help individuals and local populations recuperate from the tropic gita that took place from February 7-12, 2018. The catastrophe statement has been changed as shown in heavy type below.

You can find the following information in the disasters statement and aid programs: Customized support (IA): to help private persons and households: American Samoa territory. ÉPUBLIC ACTION (PA): (assistance with emergencies and the repairs or replacements of equipment that has been disastrously damaged): American Samoa territory. The use of German aid is permitted. President cleared a change in the costs of FEMA-4357-DR-AS.

In accordance with today's President's order, the federal contribution to the programme for private individuals and households has been raised to 90 per cent of eligibil. The Hazard Mitigation (HM): (support for measures to avoid or mitigate long-term risks to lives and material assets from physical hazards):

The Hazard Mitigation Grant program is available to all areas within the territory of American Samoa. OTHER: Supplementary names may be added at a later date if the territory so requires and the results of further injury assessment justify this.

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