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Download the new RNZ application Police detained three student workers on Wednesday, but more detentions were made behind the burned fleamarket in Savalalo after further fights at the coach station last night. These are the true Samoa children who are ai valeah (useless) in class, but will continue to be Matays because they know nothing else!"

At the end of last year, the police in Samoa were asked to take action after continuing fighting between pupils in the Tafusi markets.

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Samoan's seventh skipper Alatasi Tupou was released for drunken drivers and sent home. A 30-year-old, he was indicted by Samoan police in the early Sunday mornings before leaving the nation for the last two World Series events in London and Paris. Tupou, who has two test cap for Manu Samoa, will hold a competitive hearings on his return to the United States.

The police spokesman said that the decisions of the IG to remove Tupou and bring him back to Samoa had nothing to do with their investigation. Team Samoa is in Swimming pool with South Africa, Canada and Russia at the London 7s this week. ADVERTISING ý Hear the latest messages on our 5 radios Legend FM, Viti FM, Sargam, FM96 and Navtarang.

alofa lava samoa!

I was very thrilled after month of research and excitement to at last come to the wonderful Samoa and get my US Ambassador in Samoa certification. I was moved by the enormous heat and warmth I received during this first stay and the Samoan's nature and friendliness and generousness made me and my whole life very welcome and warm.

The journey began with an unbelievable information journey along the south coast. In my inauguration speech, I said that my wife and I had been studying cultures and looking through innumerable pictures of the island in anticipation of my new job, but my first date made it clear that the pictures and histories did not do Samoa justice. 2.

Nancy, Liz and I used the opportunity to talk to the Peace Corps volunteers currently working in Samoa and listen to their experience and the important work they are doing. Also we saw some of the most untouched nature beauties of the islands and had the opportunity to see To Sua Ocean Trench.

I was delighted to see our committed Embassy workers at Apia on Tuesday and thank them for their hard work in preparing my first trip, but also for their continued commitment to improving the operation of our Embassy and strengthening relations between the US and Samoa. During the next two working day there were encounters with Samoan civil servants, my new colleague from the Samoan Embassy in Samoa and my new colleague from the Samoan Embassy's foreign minister.

It was a particular pleasure to see the Honourable Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailelele Malielegaoi. The two nations' areas of co-operation, in which the Samoa Peace Corps and the Shiprider Maritime Law Enforcement programmes were at the forefront, were discussed. And, of course, no Samoa match is without mentioning the forthcoming "Game of the Century" between Manu Samoa and the All Blacks.

The Embassy held a welcome at the Deputy Chief of Mission residency to give me the opportunity to meet former students of our International Visitor Leadership Program, fellows, International Visitor Leadership Program members, our first two Futures Leader of the Pacific and more.

Encouraging to see such a pro-active, vibrant group of young experts working for good changes in their community. I am delighted that we have reinvested in these brains and given them the opportunity to better understand US cultures and assets. While in Samoa I also started two US government financed missions.

METI, $735 thousand US dollars for conducting permission culture courses in 50 Samoa towns. I' m also planning to go to some of the towns. Our second pilot was the International Military Education andraining ("IMET") funded Boarding Officer Course. Four coaches from the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve in Yorktown, Virginia, used this program to train twenty Samoan marine police and fishing officials for a two-week period.

These types of skills are indispensable for the staff of prosecution authorities to carry out all types of maritime inspection, from regular inspection of fishermen's boats to those under suspicion of engaging in crime, and are a natural addition to our Shiprider programme, in which Samoan officials are patrolling their own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with the support of the U.S. Coast Guard or Navy Ship.

I was greeted with a welcome speech at the Deputy Head of Mission's home on Wednesday evening, May 13. It was well frequented by all sections of Samoan community, among them senior administration officers and members of the Diplomacy Unit, as well as key groups from the business community and civic groups.

It was an incredible fortune for me to be able to see and speak with so many different background groups that night and I got away with a deeper insight into the dynamism of Samoan societies and some of the everyday problems that these groups deal with. During this first exciting and rapid journey I took part in a multitude of events, meeting so many intriguing and inspirational individuals and gaining a greater and more differentiated appreciation of Samoan civilization and individuals.

I' m looking forward to getting back in touch with the heads of state, members of the Missionary Force, Peace Corps volunteers, shopkeepers, US graduates and various chapter guides I saw during my first outing. I' m already countin' the next few nights until my next trip to the big Savaii to see USAID and learn more about Fa'a Samoa.

It would be an exaggeration to say that we really enjoy our first journey to Samoa. When I think about our stay, I am struck by how happy I am to be able to stand in for the United States in a land full of breathtaking bodily beauties and such kind and kind souls.

There is no higher honour or higher prerogative I can think of than to serve my own nation in Samoa, an island nation that appreciates confidence and interests with the United States of America.

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