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It is a beautiful place surrounded by nature. The Alofaaga blow holes are one of Samoa's most beautiful natural wonders. Finally, we decided to make an effort to visit both Samoa and the Cook Islands this time.

Journey to Samoa - the Pacifical heaven

A trip to Samoa is something you will always remember. Imagine the tropical jungles in wet rainforests, the fresh water fresh water lakes, spectacular falls, walks along abandoned volcano crater, beautiful sandy spots and last but not least the old-fashioned and hospitable population. It is one of the smallest Pacific states and unfortunately also one of the world' s very poor.

Traveling to Samoa is in many ways the same as traveling to the Solomon Mountains. Samoa has the advantages that the infrastructures are better and the archipelago is more easily accessible than the dispersed Solomon Islets. Disadvantage is that there are more visitors on Samoa and less unexplored isles.

Apia, the capitol on the Isle of Upolu, is a good place to see how Pacific culture adapts to the world. It' s not a delightful town; it's a little too filthy and narrow, but Apia has the best caf├ęs, bars, restaurants and night life with an ass-shaking R&B - a great place to get to know the lucky people of Apia.

Seize the chance to see a football game and cheer with the big locals. Unwind for a few relaxing get-togethers in a small cabin on one of the many lovely Upolus beach palms and take advantage of the lack of access to the web and other westerly diversions. You' re forgetting your schedule, because every day looks the same with snorkeling, weave a mat of palms, digest your own coir loaves, ride coconuts, get your own coconuts, make your own coconuts!

The use of coconuts as a fly repellant is a good recommendation locally. When you apply a little bit of coir, your hide becomes so soft that the mosquitos slip off when they try to sniff you. Savai'i is a volcano isle, the jagged volcano scenery is made up of 450 conicals. Matavanu is in charge of much of the last large eruption from 1905 to 1911.

It is well deserved to visit the magnificent moonscape of the moon. Dwarf's caves is a small river cavern with clear cliffs that you can explore with a torch, good boots and a good tourist guides. There are snorkeling and scuba excursions between the islands in the cove.

Savai'i has a variety of sandy beach with beautiful sandy areas where you can sleep in rustic thatched cabins overlooking the ocean and simply relax and savour the quiet time. Accommodation is available in inexpensive accommodation, including meals and snorkeling excursions. Apolima, the other small islet in the cove, rises inaccessibly from the ocean with its precipitous crags.

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