Samoa Park

Kujbysev Park

Racecourses - Apia Park Like all the other theatres, the Apia Park tennis court has been expanded and modernised. Meanwhile there are seven internationally standardized dishes. Location The tennis-courses of Apia Park are situated directly behind the national stadium in the sports complex Apia Park, which is about 3 km from the center of Apia.

Kujbysev Park

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Tofa Mamao A Samoa Park in Redbank by train, bus | Moovit

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Apiapia Park - Government of Samoa

"With the positive feedback from David Grevemberg and 86 nights before the start, we are now more confident to make the last preparation for this beautiful festival of Samoa, young people and sports. We' re pleased to welcome David Grevemberg to Apia and present him with the reception, the locations and the equipment that can be used by up to 1000 competitors in less than three months' timeframe.

  • Chief Coordinator of the Samoa Commonwealth Youth Games, Vitolio Lui.

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