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Ms Fa'afafine: After Samoa's'Third Sex' contest

Light highlights, sparkling clothes and a beaming smile characterize every competition, but Samoa's Miss Fa'afafine is a parade with a distinction - an anniversary celebrating the third sex traditions of the state. "l "l think l was Fa'afafine by birth. "Although fa'afafine has been an acceptable part of Samoan civilization for generation after generation, she says it was a tough one, because her folks never fully accept her.

Participation in Miss Fa'afafine 2007 was one of the "most freeing experiences" of her lifetime. Approximately 1-5% of Samoa's 190,000 inhabitants identify themselves as fa'afafine. She says being lazy isn't the same as being fag. Although her dad opposed, her mom accepted her own name. Last June, a local newspaper provoked indignation by posting an non-censored picture of the corpse of Jeanine Tuivaiki on its front page, a Fa'afafine found murdered, possibly by committing a suicide, in a school.

He said he was "appalled" by the front page, while the SFA said it "robbed the last honour and humanitarianism that Mrs Tuivaiki had". They apologized, but the SFA said it was a signal that fa'afafine "can never be fully functioning free and equitable Samoan citizens", while anti-gay legislation exists.

She is the mothers of two adopted youngsters. "When I first saw my name on the name of my children's birthday card, who listed me as their mom, I collapsed," she said. "Kids are also one of the causes why the SFA and Rangoon Fight for more GGBTs in Samoa.

"When one of my babies is fa'afafine or has fa'afafine babies - not only she, but so many babies all over Samoa - I want them to live in a tolerating world," she said.

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