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Celebrate this national park in the South Pacific! Situated about 2,600 leagues south-west of Hawaii, this is one of the most isolated national reserves in the United States. They will not find the standard amenities of most national parklands. This national park comprises parts of three isles - Tutuila, Ta'? and Ofu.

Approximately 4,000 hectares of the national park lie under water, off the coast of all three isles. Both the National Park Centre and the Visitors' Centre are open on workdays from 8:00 to 16:30. Situated in Pago Pago, opposite the Pago Way service station. Parkrangers are available throughout the whole working days to help you planning a secure and unforgettable trip to the National Park.

American Samoa National Park Visitors Guide (pdf format) contains further information on travel itineraries.

Famous US film maker takes pictures of the National Park Amerikanisch Samoa

A prizewinning film maker, Dayton Duncan, will be in American Samoa early next months to take pictures of the American Samoa National Park, which will be recorded in a PBS TV show about national parklands in the United States. This is a great burden for the national park of the area, which is the only one in the country that covers the marine areas.

The National Park Administration finances two "HOT SHOTS" from the USA Samoa

17 April 2009 - Wildland fire fighters Kitiona Osotonu and Tulimanu Tulimanu, Jr., both from Leone, will soon be leaving the Isle to join the "hot shots" on the American continent, those who are risking their own life to preserve the nation's resources, and those who are at grave fire danger during the drought.

"They' re successtosto story of which American Samoa should be proud," said Mike Reynolds, Superintendent of American Samoa National Park. It' good cash, they' re great firemen and they' re renowned among firemen in the USA." The Reynolds stated that Osotonu and Tulimanu are just two of 25 skilled Samoan fire fighters working under the programme financed by the National Park Service and the National Park of American Samoa.

Fire-fighters are deployed every year on the American continent, a period when the national park and wilderness in the USA are most susceptible to the heat of war. This is Osotonu's fifth year of work in Yosemite National Park and Tulimanu's 6th year of work with the Fulton Hotshots in California.

Osotonu, 26, is the father of Etika and Asofa Osotonu of Leone. Out of the seasons he is a migrant labourer in the National Park after working on a number of hiking paths at Sauma Ridge in Vatia, Gataivai, Fagatele Bay, Pola Island and Mt Alava. Tulimanu, 27, lives in Leone with his widow Kueva and their 16-month-old daugther Steffenie.

It offers Osotonu the opportunity to take caring for his own family, how he will serve, help others and protect the country's priceless world. As he said last summers, the risks of the operation are very serious, two firemen were killed in Yosemite. "Suddenly they got hooked (or burned tree)," he said to Samoa News.

It has the same abilities as Osotonu. He was one of the many fire fighters who responded to the call for the 2008 San Diego fire. Every year the locals take a revitalization course with the National Park Service and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In the coming months, while Osotonu and Tulimanu are in the USA, those who are lagging behind will take part in the practice, which will include a 40-pound packing test that will take place on the OMV circuit.

Usotonu leaves the Isle on 14 May and Tulimanu, who leaves on Sunday 19 April, asks the Americans of Samoa to recall her in their prayer.

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