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Chancellor of the Cabinet and high-ranking guests, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Leuluaiali'iotumua Bill English and Dr. Samoan History and Political Development, Samoa mo Samoa: Join us in /r/Oceania in our "What do you know about Samoa? Hardcover of the Samoa Mo Samoa: J. W. Davidson's creation of the independent state of Western Samoa at Barnes & Noble.

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Ascent of the Mau Mouvement - New Zealand in Samoa

Samoa mo Samoa" Samoa has a story of resisting Europe's domination. There were two cases of official protest in the period of Germany's colonisation, and several of them had already contested the New Zealand government. However, the oppositions that arose in the early 1920' were organized and wide-spread. The origin of this new opponent was in two open assemblies in Apia in October and November 1926.

They provided a platform for locals and Samoans to record their complaints and formally submit them to the New Zealand authorities. Richard Richardson obstructed a Citizens' Committee meeting with New Zealand's Foreign Minister. The Samoans were agitated by a fistful of Europe's grassroots allies.

There is no reason why I am in favour of a policy of mixing indigenous policy with that of Europe, since its trend must be to disrupt the indigenous people's freedom, order and good governors. The Citizens' Committee in March 1927 endorsed the principals of an organization named the League of Samoa. They became known as the Mau a Samoa-'the strong opinions of Samoa' - the Mau.

His tagline, Samoa Mo Samoa - "Samoa for Samoans" - provided for a Samoa without New Zealand. Samoan Guardian, founded in May with the support of Olaf Nelson, directly opposed the government-friendly paper The Samoan Times. Soon the Mau were present in all of Samoa's counties, except for two.

It is chaired by Tupua Tamasese Leolofi III. and has its seat in Vaimoso. Whereas the government estimates that about two third of the Samoan people support the Mau, the Mau themselves estimate the number at 90%. The long-awaited New Zealand Foreign Minister's June 1927 meeting set things on fire.

As Europeans were less willing to take on a social part in the Mau, the Samoans took greater command of the group. The Samoans collected funds for the Mau instead of tax.

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