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So Samoa's mangroves, what is now inspiring for the country is that with the total area of. OFFER A CHARACTERIZATION OF THE FORESTS OCCURRING IN SAMOA. There are breathtaking areas of land and water in this area.

The Samoan Land Archive - New Zealand. K?wanatanga K?wanatanga

Archive New Zealand keeps some historic notes on the buying and selling of land in Samoa. However, we do not have a copy of the land and title register. They are kept by the regional and title court in Apia. There are gaps in what we have, distributed across the notes of the various authorities that ruled Samoa (timeline on the page).

Buyers of land in Britain, among them merchants and evangelists, reported their buys to the Consul. They are listed in volumes 8-12 of the B.C. Deeds Registry and the WPHC LandsRegistry. Observe the tab and foil numbers specified in the index. In fact, the registration number is the document number.

Talauega to Powell, Register No.350 Folio 302, for example, relates to Document No.350 and will appear in Vol. 9. If" land register" is written in the index, the document is entered in the land register and not in the BSC6 volumes. Several land documents can be found in the notes of the Imperial-German administration of Samoa.

Most of the data are in English and brittle, so most of them are on microfiche (although some of them have been digitized). There is a fundamental index to the documents on the back of the Samoa document. The 6051 serie contains some data about land acquisitions, registrations, lands, cultures and orchards and can be found in an extended Archiev.

1903 a committee was established to examine land title. 6070 series: Land register (1903-1921) has two registries, one in Samoan and one in German (Micro 5956). Classified by case number (LK1 to 610), they indicate the name, area of litigation and the rulings reached. The 6071 Register of Judgements (1903-1911) also logs judgements.

The 6080 Paper Sequence relates to Land (1902-1913) (Micro 5953) and contains case letters, sometimes with the LK number from the 6070 and 6071sequence. The 18976 Samoa-BMO4 contains German documents that were taken over by the UK military occupation in 1914. The majority of the recordings are in German, although there are recordings after 1914 in English.

Most pertinent acts related to real estate appear to be C: Ownership Litigation (1900-1920), although arbitration and estate cases also concern real estate. Recordings are not subscripted, but sorted by year, so it is best to know the date of the quarrel or heredity. Attempt to search the name of the town or county on Archway (18973 series villages have been digitized and can be consulted online).

Try also using last names (but most will be migration files). To find help in the reading room, use the index on the back of the Samoa book. Since 1847 there have been notes on the government of Samoa in several states. These were the following agents located in West Samoa and responsible for providing management service in West Samoa on a country-by-country basis.

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