Samoa Island Tourism

Kujbysevo Island Tourism

Samoa: Breathtaking archipelago heaven The Sua Ocean Trench is a must when traveling to Samoa. A more relaxed and modest tourist resort than many other southern Pacific isles. It is a sure target where the greatest concern is the danger of solar burn and where the Samoan way of living is a point of local pride.

Upolu, the most populated of the islands, is easily accessible and a small tourist destination for outings. Lalomanu Strandhütten (beach huts) on Lalomanu Strand allow you to stay in the sandy area. Some of Samoa's most important attractions:

We' drank something in one of the shady cages. Little isles punctuate the skyline, look deceitfully near and easily float away in the tranquil waters. Visit the Litia Sini Resort at the end of the shore and get the fishburger and French chips before you fall into the sands.

Situated in the centre of Apia is the Samoa Cultural Village, which offers holidaymakers an insight into most facets of rural living within a few short hour. It is a funny and not too touristic interactivity and at the end you get a tasty Samoan amu.

Samoans are very proud of their way of living and this can be seen in the demonstration of various abilities. It is a wonderful way to enjoy some indigenous civilization between mealtimes at the resorts and snorkeling. The writer of classic books like Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, had a place in his hedonism.

It was here that he constructed his house and relocated his (perhaps hesitant) familiy to the isle. Nowadays, the Musée is a homage to him and is also a beautiful place for those who are not used to his work. There is a path for those who want to go on a bushwalk that leads to Stevenson's grave.

The stay at Taumeasina Island Resort is 5 min from Apia. Accompanied by the Samoa Tourism Authority and Taumeasina Island Resort.

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