Samoa Island People

People on Samoa Island

In these two documents, the Samoan people gave up sovereignty over our islands. A Samoa Journey a Real Dreams Come true for Japans Humans are creating efforts as a guide to guide their path to where they will go next. To reach the borders of Samoa is nothing more than a vision for best friend, Ayaka Makamura and Marina Matsuoka. "We have been eager to see Samoa for so long," Ayaka said.

"For this reason we have chosen Samoa as our vacation spot, a place we both enjoyed. Coming here was a dream," Ayaka said. She travels from Japan to Australia, then to the Cook Islands and now to the Pacific and is lucky to be here.

Gone to the Cook Islands and the final target is Samoa. It' s good to be here and to be able to explore," Ayaka said to the dear tourist to-day. Ayaka has also made friend with some Samoans while she danced. Twenty-nine year old said she knew of Samoa through her boyfriends who had come to Samoa before.

Your account of how nice Samoa was caused a stir. "I' ve been hearing so long from some of my best friend how nice Samoa was, that's why we wanted to come. I' m sure my mates were right, Samoa is wonderful. "I wanted to come to Samoa a long while ago and then I found Marina and she wanted to come and then we book our flight to Samoa," she said.

The Samoans could not help worshipping how they wore their old clothes, although there was no particular time. "We have a jimono, our old-fashioned clothes. However, we hardly ever wears it, only on particular events like a marriage or only in summers when we have a seasonal cimono.

But we don't really use it just for the occasion, but what I like here is that everyone always wears the lava or their two-piece clothes for the women," she added. The Samoans are still wearing their island clothes and Polish inks.

She has also said that she is not only enthusiastic about the people but also about the people. They will leave this Sunday, but they are thrilled to be in Lalomanu for some quality crafts before they return home.

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