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National Holidays on Samoa Island

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Samoa: estimated South Pacific Isles

A native of the Polyynesian island of Samoa, she lived her first eight years as far away from the contemporary life as possible. At the beginning of the 1980s she went to the lighter New Zealand lighting, where she gained a sense of gastronomic creativeness. With all her success, Galetti has never forgot or let go of her Samoan origins.

Samoa's attractions, fragrances and sensuality are part of her genetic makeup. She returned last year because her mom was to be appointed Samoan chieftain as the new leader of the Samoan people in a ritual that would involve all members of the people.

There will not be many Samoan tourists led to a ring square during a new head of community foundation ceremonies. Romance people will also want to dare to visit Villa Vailima, the home (now a museum) where the treasure island writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, lived the last four years of his lifetime.

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