Samoa Faalupega Book

Book of Samoa Faalupega

Stay up to date with Pasefika books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and events. Savaii, Upolu, Manono, Ma Apolima. Titles Upolu, Manono, Ma Apolima, Savaii, Apolima. Starting date 01 January 1930 circumference 104, p. vii: 18 cm.

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Oh le Tusi faalupega o Samoa. Savaii, Upolu, Manono ma Apolima. Brooklyn, 1958

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Oh le Tusi faalupega o Samoa. {\Savaii, Upolu, Manono ma Apolima}; Lalua : Samoan Church (L.M.S. Press), 1958.

Honour protocol book publication in Samoa postponed

Apijah, Samoa (Talamua, 27 September 2012) - The latest book of honour - Tusi Faalupega has been moved to Samoa on the recommendation of the cabinet's advisory board. This last issue was to be a retrospective of the first book published by the Committee on Culture - "Komiti om le Faleula" - which works under the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development.

These honours are decisive greetings that determine the hierarchical structure of the chieftains and speakers in each town and their relationship with other towns and regions throughout the state. They are an important part of the minutes of all of our outreaches. This book was to be a reworked copy of the previous one and has been in preparation for some time.

However, the work has led to discontent in various towns and regions. According to Talamua springs, the council recommended delaying the start to give the discontented towns and counties the chance to review the contents with the Komiti of the Faleula. Source say that some neighborhoods and counties have expressed their frustration at the way the honors and greetings of their county - fa'alupega have been modified or put into one pot along with other counties.

Talamua reported that in Upolu alone, ten per cent of the counties complain about the first book by "faalupega", which states that false information was ascribed to their counties. One Falealili County plaintiff believed that "the changes and errors in collecting the correct honours and greetings have led and will lead to the loss of the right of individuals, towns and counties to what they have been claiming for centuries".

Efforts to get a statement from the secretary of the Komiti om le Faleula, Agaimalo Vailima of the Ministry of Women's Community and Social Development (MWCSD) were inconclusive. An Internal Affairs officer, however, acknowledged that the book had not been released, but gave no reasons.

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