Samoa Blue Movie

The Samoa Blue Movie

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The 1949 NFU movie is visiting Western Samoa. The director Stanhope Andrews shows us live in the "Lotus Country of the Pacific": tarot and harvesting coconuts, boiling in ufu, making churches and traps, while "the floral decorated women under the palm trees are singing and dancing". But the travel report disregards previous shameful actions, such as the isolation error, where one in five Samoans fell ill with it.

In 1962 Samoa became independent. This administration provides the Samoans with the best possible service for Europe and helps them to preserve the best of their own way of life.

Hibiscus & Ruthless opens in Samoa, USA | Samoa, USA

"It' s not often that Polynesians are seen on the screen," he said, and added that the actor is usually out of range or far away, but having them in range is something very particular. It was pointed out that several persons - especially the older generation - had told them that they wanted to go to the theatre this evening for the premiere of the movie, and this will be their first appearance in the cinema.

"Having Samoans in a movie that depicts the Samoan way of living - and the issues we face - in a movie makes them come out and watch," the filmmaker said. They have toured Australia, New Zealand, Samoa and now also American Samoa, with Hawaii and continental America on the programme.

Voiaoga-Ioasa said that the stunning reaction of American Samoa during the d├ębut of Three Wise Cousins made the choice to launch this second movie in the territories, a simple one. "It was a matter of course after the three wise cousins that we would return," he said with a grin.

In contrast to Three White Cousins, where the line-up ended with a "pat on the back", the line-up had to pass an audition for Hibiscus and Ruthless. "So we had to choose the right roles to play." It has been awarded PG-13 and has been described as a "family-oriented" movie that depicts Samoan living in an "authentic" way.

"It' s very realistic about the plot, but it' s not serious where folks will make the theatre cry. It will be shown on June 8th in the state of Aloha. The Hibiscus & Ruthless follows boyhood buddies, Hibiscus and Ruth, who are in their last year of university.

Hibiskus is living under the tough regulations of her mother not to go out and no friends and this is put to the test when the boys begin to ask her out. It is a movie with a great deal of heartfelt and honest, surrounded by a whole bunch of laughs.

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