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TRANOA Hotel Group, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, Hotel Accommodation, About us All of our properties are based on real family value, and in every single property our staff shares these shared value and work together to reach them. As a Pacific icon of welcome and conviviality, the name of the company is a synonym for our commitment to providing superior client care and exceeding the needs of our customers.

Explore the extraordinary comforts and services offered by our hotel. Our hotel is as personal ised as you are - position, atmosphere, style and surroundings make it truly special. The Tanoa Hotel Group is part of the Reddy Group, one of the most prestigious companies in the Pacific. The Reddy Group began in 1947 as a small building contractor in Fiji.

The Reddy Group is now managed by Yanktesh Permal Reddy (CF, OBE), affectionately called YP Reddy. Rohit, Kamini and Kalpana Reddy manage the Group' s operations and make the necessary investments. The Reddy Group currently has more than 1000 employees and branches in Lautoka, Fiji, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Reunion/Revel - Review Transit Motel, Mulifanua, Samoa

Sadly, our journey did not go as scheduled (Pago Pago Pago's InterIsland Airways must be the most disloyal and less supportive carrier in the world), but the Transit Motel executive was the most supportive individual you could encounter when travelling. Making a few phone conversations, finding the true InterIsland and arranging alternate reservations in Polynesian.

We had a new plane later in the morning, so we asked for a half days trip which was organized locally and we had a very beautiful trip over the Isle of Upolu, before we were taken off at the Fagali'i International Airfield near Apia for the Polynesia plane to American Samoa. Fortunately, the kind and competent help of Aussage, the supervisor, facilitated the otherwise difficult circumstances in which we found ourselves, and so we rebooked the Transit Motel after our comeback from American Samoa, before we moved to an outlying isle.

On demand transfer was organised to Apia, Fagali'i International and Manono Kai airports, and Faleolo International airports, and the wait was no longer a concern if our luggage was late from Pago. Our transfer went smoothly every single day and was completed on schedule and by arrangement.

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