A Pasifika engagement in the First World War. " Samoa" in Diccionari de la llengua catalana, segona edició, Institut d'Estudis Catalans. Samoa in Samoa The VSA's connection with Samoa goes back to 1963, when our very first voluntary service took on a mission in Apia. Until recently, these tasks concentrated mainly on training. Since 2012, we have been deploying people who are active in the fields of farming, livelihood security, municipal infrastructures and catastrophe prevention.

The Samoa program is controlled from our offices in Wellington.

Samoa, formerly known as Western Samoa, is located in the South Pacific about half way between Hawaii and New Zealand. It' sitting directly in the cyclonic band and is very susceptible to disastrous gales. Approximately three fourths of the 195,000 inhabitants are living on the principal Upolu islands, the remainder on the neighboring Savai'i or one of the seven small islands.

Samoan tradition, the fa'a Samoa, continues to be a powerful power in Samoan society and policy, where the Samoan community plays an important role and the oldest are held in high esteem. Samoa's more westerly parliamentarian system is strongly shaped by the Samoa's tradition of welfare and by the Matai's familial, bourgeois and politic tasks at the local levels.

Samoa is the ideal place to volunteer for projects in the fields of economy growth and rural economy, small businesses and tourist industry. Farming accounts for two third of the workforce and the export of coir crème, coir and coir. Sub-sistence farming provides support for around 75 percent of the country's people.

It is also reliant on foreign assistance, transfers from families, fisheries and an growing tourist industry, which represented 25 per cent of GNP in 2007. Our support for small and medium-sized enterprises and improving the standard of training in agriculture helps to enhance farming practice and productivity and improve employment and commercial prospects.

A large part of Samoa's business is informal, with only 18 percent of the Samoan workforce working in an employee role. A lot of Samoans are living a life style and selling excess products on their own home-market. Our efforts are focused on reinforcing the countryside and supporting agriculture as well as supporting infrastructures for farm developments and indigenous people.

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