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Receive the Sachs Harbour weather forecast. Actual local time in Canada - Northwest Territories - Sachs Harbour. Obtain Sachs Harbour's weather and area codes, time zone and daylight saving time. More articles discussing Sachs Harbour: Metar TAF: Current Weather Observation and Forecast, Sachs Harbour Sachs Harbour (David Nasogaluak Jr. Saaryuaq) Airport Northwest Territories Canada.

N.W.T. Sachs Harbour greets first liner in years

The small N.W.T. parish of Sachs Harbour greeted around 100 people on Wednesday. The Crystal Serenity cruiser still travels to N.W.T. Although the small Quark Expeditions vessel, which landed on the banks of the Quark Weir, is still important to Sachs Harbour, the most northerly municipality in the Northwest Territories, compared to the luxurious Crystal Serenity, which transported about 1,000 people.

It was the first in at least five years that Sachs Harbour visited, and its passenger numbers almost quintupled to the 130-pers. "It' been excellent," said Stephen Wylie, Sachs Harbour's chief administrator. "I' m sure the folks who came off the boat were very kind and kind.

Everyone wanted to know about Sachs Harbour, and we also wanted to know about their hometowns." When they were taken off the boat by Zodiac, the visitors were welcomed by the natives, who guided them around the village, with stations at the village museums, groceries and the village center.

"Things were a little different for her," Wylie said. "and how beautiful it is because we overlook the sea and the beach." They only made one stop in the afternoons - part of an 18-day excursion that began in Resolute, Nunavut, and will eventually end in Anchorage, Alaska - but Wylie hopes that the Quark Expeditions vessel is a signal for more shipping transport in the nearhood.

"was such a good experience," he said.

Sax harbor

Hi from Sachs Harbour, Northwest Territories, Canada! I' m doing research here within the Ikaahuk Archaeology Projects under the direction of Dr. Lisa Hodgetts. The aim of this research is to use archeological and Inuvialuit know-how to better understanding the story of Banks Island. At the moment we are working on making this a joint venture.

For 2014 the marvellous team consists of Lisa Hodgetts (Associate Professor, UWO), Colleen Haukaas (youngest MA graduate, UWO! Source: UWO!), Jordan Munizzi (PhD graduate, UWO), Katie Kotar (MA graduate, UWO), Mariah Lucas (Sachs Harbour resident), Alex Kudlak (Sachs Harbour/Inuvik resident) and myself, Laura Kelvin (PhD candidates, UWO).

I' m in Sachs Harbour this year, doing research for my thesis, while the remainder of the team camp near Emegak Lake (about 30 km southeast of the city). The work I do in the city includes an archeological ethnographical research on how the perception of the past and archeological research within the municipality varies to define how archeology can supplement Inuvialuit's understanding of the past.

These include interviews with members of the congregation, getting to know others and their life in Sachs Harbour and wandering around the city (I played a great deal of volleyball!). It went to some places in the south of the archipelago to gather specimens of animals and critters.

I was not only fortunate enough to do samplings with her, one day she let me take these gorgeous women and Edith's boy, Charlton, by chopper to Haogak Lake to do a location related audio-interviews! There''s no better place to glide than Banks Island.

Both Edith and Lena were borne on the island of Victoria near Ulukhaktok (Holman). She and her mum Susie Tiktalkik were raised on the countryside between Banks Island and Victoria Island. The name Haogak Lakes comes from Edith's people. First she came to the pond with her mom to go hunting for Karibu and Pisces.

Site-specific interviewing is great because it really helps to make and understanding people's connection to specific places. Both Edith and Lena are highly charming and have conducted many TV-shootings. (see Inuvialuit Television on YOUTU! The one thing that really comes across in this and most of the others I' ve done with Sachs is their great grasp of comedy!

On my first try, with the help of our great aviator Steffan, I managed to catch a catch of which I can only imagine that he will make me the best fisher in the whole wide underworld. I' m getting my second stitching class from Kim later today. im is a great performer, the muklukes, fists, handbags.... well, pretty much everything!

I' ve completed the tops and today she will show me how to sew them together. Stitching is a big part of the lives of many Sachsers. Stitching is seen by some as an important way to educate young adults about their inheritance and past.

Bethty Raddi-Haogak told me that there are many different types of Inuvialuit stitching and cloth. Said that this could be important for archeologists, because you can tell by their stitching technique from which part of the world they are. I look forward to learn more about the Inuvialuit' s craftsmanship and legacy! Hopefully this article has aroused some interest in the Ikaahuk Archaeology Projekt, my own archaeology projects and Inuvialuit story!

For more information about my research, you can read my Summer Time in the Arctic blogs and of course watch the Ikaahuk Archaeology Project on Facebook!

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