Rurutu Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Rurutu

Since there is no lagoon, Rurutu can be easily reached from the sea. Whales come to Rurutu from around the end of July to mid-October to breed before returning to the icy waters of Antarctica. Weaning usually takes place in September in Tahiti and Moorea or Rurutu on the Austral Islands. The nickname of Rurutu is "the island of whales". You are also welcome to observe fishermen, farmers and basket weavers at work.

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rourutu whale anyone? 3 ) Is it necessary to go this far to see the cetaceans so closely? rourutu whale anyone? Hello Yossarian, it's an astonishing one. You' re so near the whale, and it's just you and her! Do not dive when snorkelling.

The only place that has organised snorkelling trips with the mantas. It' a very personal one. There' ll just be a few of you with the cetaceans. Whilst we have cetacean life in Moorea and the other Society Islands, no one provides the kind of experiences you can have in Rurutu.

In order to illustrate this, I see cetaceans all the while on the Moorea submersible and I am often sung of their singing while I am underwater, but it is not common to go whale watching. Rurutu offers a very instructive whale and whale watching trip, but also an unbeatable snorkelling experience........Rurutu.

rourutu whale anyone? All I have to do now is find a tourist agency that belongs to Rurutu! rourutu whale anyone? rourutu whale anyone? Search for areas and find one near you. While you still can, I know that very few Tiare specialists have ever been to Rurutu!

In Rurutu their highlights are the cetaceans. He made Moorea look like New York City. rourutu whale anyone? I also liked to see how the guesthouse is and to snorkel my kids with the cetaceans.... how beautiful! rourutu whale anyone? If you are definitely going on a snorkelling excursion, you will have a great time!

We have been whale watching tours from Alaska to Australia and enjoy this adventure. rourutu whale anyone? Came back from Rurutu just in early August. of Rurutu on TripAdvisor. The Rurutu Lodge is the best accommodation. Me and my friend took the whale watching outings.

It is not always a guaranty that you will see and/or swimm with a whale. You seem to be walking at a point in your life where the odds are higher. Well, since the matter-of-fact qualifying is out there, I'll say that we've made 3 trips and seen and swam with cetaceans twice - a little surprise, even if they only stayed 5-10 mins.

It' been a joy to flee the worid to Rurutu, but not much is expected to be done.

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