Round Britain Cruises from Hull

Cruises Round Britain from Hull

Scandinavia, the Baltic States and around the British Isles. MV Marco Polo has a classic profile, traditional dark hull and teak decks. Hull, England, United Kingdom. Begin your cruise holiday earlier by calling at one of the many ports in the UK. Portaine, St Kilda, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Isle of Noss, Aberdeen, Eyemouth, Hull, Ramsgate, London.

British Astoria Cruise from Newmarket Hull Vacations

Schöne, 550-person Astoria was initially a trans-atlantic vessel. Astoria is now renovated and affectionately cared for as a luxury yacht, both small enough to provide a welcoming ambience and large enough to provide a relaxing setting to enjoy your vacation. It is the ideal home for your unforgettable cruising vacation.

To view the layout maps for this trip, click here. One of the greatest pleasures of a cruising vacation is the awareness that every single working full of adventures is a new one. N.B. All unlisted nights are taken to the seas and enjoyed the outstanding amenities aboard Astoria.

Get aboard Astoria in Hull today and get ready in your cabins while the boat sets sails. Enjoy a relaxed day and get to know the boat, its crews and your companions. Astoria arrived today in Kirkwall, the historical city of Orkney. Today Astoria anchors in the Outer Hebrides off Stornoway, the capitol of Lewis.

Astoria arrived in historical Belfast this mornings. Astoria is arriving in Dublin today. We' re in the Isles of Scyllii again this mornin. Portsmouth, the historical seaside town, was the nervous center of Operation Overlord in the early mornings of 6 June 1944 and the starting point for ten thousand Alliance forces.

Revisit the recently renovated and re-opened D-Day Museum to see the 82 meter long embroideries of pictures and happenings from Operation Overlord, or perhaps from HMS Victory, HMS Warrior or the Mary Rose Museum. Say goodbye to Astoria and all your companions when you leave at the end of your trip.

UK citizens require a full 10 year pass to be able to take this trip. Offers are only valid for new reservations from 5 July 2018 (included). Many of our cruises have a finite number of Voyager Fare Inner and Sea Views staterooms available.

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