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The album Songs From Losa. He ne Kamatag ne Rotu(Back to top), information, church links, download media. Download or play Christian songs used for worship and worship of Jehovah. You can now sing songs and spiritual songs to the Lord wherever you are whether on the street, in a taxi or taxi, in the office, at school and on the road. Fiji-English Online Dictionary Free Download.

This is Rotuman L. Evangelisation instruments, congregation planning ressources, Christmas songs and audiobible studies. Free MP3 download.

This recording is intended for evangelization and fundamental Bible teachings to carry the evangelical teachings to those who cannot read and write or come from verbal culture, especially from unattained groups of individual. Brief audiobible tales and evangelist teachings that may contain songs and musical content. It explains Salvation and gives fundamental teachings of Christianity.

???? Rotuman; Further information: Do you love Jesus and convey the Bible to those who have never listened to the Biblical Word in their hearts? The GRN also has ways for Christians to make meaningful contributions to the evangelization of unattained groups of human beings through audiobible tales, Bible studies, Bible studies instruments, evangelist teachings, songs and musical performances.

They can support evangelistic or congregational involvement by sponsorship or distribution of material. By visiting a regular Bible faith fulfilling a Christian congregation, you can participate in the ministry and see how unattained groups of human beings are hearing the Bible of Jesus Christ.

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