Rotuman Songs

Rootuman Songs

rotumane (sic) songs and dances. and other Rotuma songs and dances. Made from traditional songs of the western Torres Strait, South Pacific. As the men did so, the women and the chiefs sat in the house and sang songs. Chords for'El 'El Sio (Rotuma Song) with capo, playing with guitar, piano & ukulele.

Keep two ROTUMA RILLS from being overtaken, say Rotuman objects!

The Rotumans were asked to discuss the draft before the parliamentary presentations, but instead they crept through the first readings. Rotuman activists only got a whiff of it a few words in the newspapers and the Official Journal a few words before the second readings, so there was a struggle to stop it, and thanks to the help of Ro Teimumu Kepa and the spokesman, Khaiyum's efforts to passed the laws were frustrated.

It is interesting that this was just before Frank Bainimarama went to China to plead for funds, so there were some news reports about the administration that received funds to repair Rotuma International etc., etc. (again) This must be about the 10th such promise Bainimarama made in the last 8 years.

Honorable Mr Voreqe Bainimarama, Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Rotuma; 2. Honorable Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Attorney General and Minister of Justice; 4. Honorable members of the opposition. TODAY PRETITION today pretition of the signed Rotumans and Friends of Rotumans asks you to stop and postpone the submission, read or further read and the Passport INTO LAV of the two most recent legislative proposals for Rotuma and Rotumans, namely ROTUMA BILL 2015 (Draft Legislative No. 6 of 2015) and ROTUMA LANDS BILL 2O15 (Draft Legislative No. 6 of 2015).

until such time as these draft laws have been fully and comprehensively debated by and among Rotuma, Fiji and elsewhere so that they can give their FULL AND INFORMED consent to be ruled by these laws, as it is YOUR RIGHT under your CONSTITUTION and your INTERNATIONAL LAW and COMMITMENTS TO ALL of ROTUMAN NOW AND IN THE FUTURE, FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: We

In the ROTUMA BILL 2015 (Draft Bill No. 6 of 2015): 1. the Rotuma concept is different from existing legislation in that the new concept does not cover "its dependences, cliffs, reefs as well as fishery between the 12th and 15th degrees of southern latitudes and between the one hundred and seventy-fiveth and one hundred and eightyth degrees of eastern length from the Greenwich meridian". 2.

Rotuma's administrative and administrative structure is different from the present legal situation in that the new Act will propose administrative and administrative structures through a new committee known as the ROTUMAN PEOPLE'S FORUM and a different Rotuma Council; 3. the nomination and removal of Rotuman chiefs in the new Act does not conform to Rotuman practices and tradition and differs significantly from existing legislation; (B) With regard to the ROTUMA LANDS BILL 2015 (Law No. 7 of 2015): 1.

Rotuman succession in relation to handua ne cainaga ( "clan property") does not conform to Rotuman practices and tradition, discriminate against Rotuman wives, does not conform to your constitution or international law, and is indiscriminate; 2.

4. A verification committee has been established to examine the current law, but the nomination of the members of this committee and its discussions have not been published, as these suggested legislation has far-reaching consequences for us and our coming generation in terms of culture, society, economy, and law.

The petitioners against the government's proposal to settle Rotuman issues are misled and political motivators, says Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Minister Jioji Konrote. It responded to a petition from opposition leader Ro Teimumu Kepa, filed in parliament last weekend and allegedly endorsed by 577 Rotumans, and protested against the Rotuma bill and the Rotuma Land bill.

They call for more consultations with Rotumans in Fiji and abroad before passing bills affecting their towns. Mr Konrote said that the draft rules would set out much-needed guidance for dispute settlement, particularly in relation to rural litigation and the simplification of red tape procedures..... "Anyone who opposes this law should go to the isle and see what the present administration is doing on the isle.

There has been no other government that has done so much for Rotuma and even the Prime Minister has twice paid visits to the country and supervised the developments of local projects," said Mr Konrote. Asked if the initiators of the initiative had done anything for the well-being of Rotarians during their life.

Covers some of the characteristics of the Rotuma bill2015: "The Rotuma Act 2015": Konrote said that the law would provide much needed clarification in the handling of litigation, finance governance and governance, which would result in greater societal coherence and growth of the Rotuman people.

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