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South Pacific Island of Roses

Tau, Olosega, Ofu and Rose Island. Drive southeast towards Norman Cay, go to the anchorage and stay overnight here at anchor. Many of the islands are surrounded by coral reefs with a pleasant and inviting South Sea climate. ABC Radio Australia offers an Australian perspective with a focus on Asia and the Pacific. In the morning Catherine Graue presents the Pacific Beat program of ABC Radio Australia.

Volcanic outburst Hunga Tonga creates new S-Pacific islands

After an outbreak of an submarine volume in Tonga, a new South Pacific islet has been created. Pictures of the area of the archipelago, 45 km northwest of Tonga's capitol Nuku'alofa, have been taken. This 500 metre long volcanic rock was created after an outburst at the Hunga Tonga Volcano, which began in December.

Scientists said the wreck was very instable and hazardous for people. In December, the full name of the vulcano, Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai, burst for the second year in five years. Recorded on a small motorboat several hundred meters from the vulcano, the tape showed rapidly ascending flags of natural gases escaping from the depth.

A few telephotographs taken within a few day after the outbreak showed new stone formation and more sediments in the depth. One of the two isles of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai was joined by a large circle of craters. An inhabitant of the principal Tonga archipelago has taken impressive pictures of the new isle.

Orbassano Gianpiero, who runs a Tonga based restaurant, traveled to the Isle with two buddies and said he would probably make another journey soon. "The only thing that felt pretty secure was getting off the ship and onto the isle. It was a warm place, you could tell.

Mister Orbassano, 63, had previously traveled to another new Pacific Islands Vulcan, where fans took golfs Clubs to gamble on the new scenery. Intriguing to see " Mary Lyn Fonua, publisher of the Matangi Tonga Newsletter website, traveled by ferry to see the January outburst. "We' re 700m from the top of the vulcano, and when you're this near in a small craft, it can be very high.

"A submarine vulcano acts very differently - all the gases can swerve. I was fascinated to see a new isle being built." Ms Fonua said that she was unlikely to get any nearer to the new island: We don't know if the explosion is over either."

Matt Watson, a scientist at the University of Bristol, said the area of the islands is" extremely unstable". "It was created by the fractionation of magic, so they' re essentially small boulders on top of each other that have created an isle.

It will be beaten by some of the ripples and streams, especially in Tonga." if he were in Tonga.

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