Rimutaka Forest Park

The Rimutaka Forest Park

The Remutaka Forest Park is a nature reserve near Wellington, New Zealand. Rimutaka Forest Park is a great place for camping and outdoor experiences, from easy hikes to challenging wilderness walks. From the Catchpool car park on Wainuiomata Coast Road we continued to Orongorongo Valley. Visit Remutaka Forest Park near Wellington, New Zealand, for some of the most breathtaking and breathtaking bush walks on our planet! Walking in Rimutaka Forest Park.

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The Catchpool Valley, 30km from Wellington, is the most visited gateway to Remutaka Forest Park. In Wairarapa there are also entrances along Western Lake Road - Cross Creek (beginning of Rimutaka Rail Trail), Waiorongamai Track, Battery Stream/Papatahi Crossing and Ocean Beach. Catchpool Valley's long-standing demand to keep them on a leash is being implemented to safeguard the kiwis that have been discharged into the park by the Remutaka Forest Park Trust.

Dogs in Remutaka Forest Park has more information and a card.

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