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French Polynesia Rikitea

Rikitea is the largest and oldest monument of French Polynesia. Rikitea port, French Polynesia business opportunities, photos and videos, contact information. At the post office in Rikitea you can exchange USD/Euros for French-Polynesian Francs. Weather forecast for Rikitea, French Polynesia Islands with temperature, wind speed, rain, clouds, humidity, pressure and more. Tahiti & French Polynesia.

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Gambier is a group of French Polynesian freshwater dive sites in the south-east of the Tuamotu Arcipel. The Mangareva - the biggest and only tourist developing area. You can only travel to the Pitcairn Isles via Mangareva. We kindly ask you to take enough French-Polynesian Francs with you for your holidays.

At the Rikitea postal service you can convert USD/Euros into French-Polynesian Francs. Guesthouses sometimes take payment by bank card (please ask first). Speaking French or French or Italian will do you good here. In boarding houses, a student usually knows fundamental words in English but any conversation is not possible.

When you arrive at the RIKITEA International Airports, you have to take a taxi to the town. Agree with your guesthouse to pick you up at the jetty (after departure by shuttle from the aerodrome on the Motu). To see one of the other islets in the group, ask your guesthouse for outings.

The Pension Moroi is offering a great excursion to several other isles. In Mangareva's capital, Rikitea, you will find a number of remains. The Rikitea parsonage Opposite the St. Micheal of Rikitea is a well-preserved 140-year-old parsonage manned by the parson. Rikitea St. Michel Cathedral Made of burnt lime stone, this neo-Gothic Romantic catholic cathedral was erected under the patronage of Father Honoré Laval.

It is still in use today and is lined with nacre. Enjoy a picknick on a motorcycle, visit the historical cathedrals of the Atoll, walk around the whole archipelago or to the summit of Mount Duff. There are 1-2 Rikitea eateries. They can also dine in the guesthouses (let them know in advance as they only cook enough for those they know are going for dinner).

The meals in the guesthouses are easy, delicious and abound. In spite of French atomic tests in the near Muraroa, the drinking waters are still drinkable and filled waters are available in small towns. There are 2 small fairs in Rikitea. In case you want something special for your journey, I suggest you bring it from home, as the rates are also high in Papeete.

The guesthouses and some small restaurant-houses are serving Hirono wine at noon. Europeans, and increasingly North Americans, are less humble than Polynesians.

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