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Along with Maya Park, Rika Lau is one of Shin-Ae's closest friends. Rika Lau's latest tweets (@rika_haruka) Dream a cat, walk a dog. LAU Rika information, including anime and manga. Bookmark Rika LAU! I have Minnie.

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Along with Maya Park, Rika Lau is one of Shin-Ae's close girlfriends. She' s also a friend of Yeong-Gi, Soushi and Dieter. Your dad works for Kousuke Hirahara and his team. It' been said several time that her dad works for Kousuke Hirahara and his aunts. It' not known how long Rika and Maya Park have been good buddies.

However, it is strongly suggested that Rika and Maya made a friend with Yoo Shin-Ae after changing school. She is a young woman with straight regal blues, deep marine blues. They have a more tan complexion than their buddies Maya and Shin-Ae, although they all have a delicate figure-framing.

She had her long bristles during the festival and in the clinic downstairs, but then bound her bristles in a low horse's tail as she hung around with her mates. She is a kind and charitable little woman who is the most sensible of her group.

Rika is generally a cute, meek character, but sometimes she can be exceptionally envious when it comes to the things she loves (like Mr. Huge Jackedman's Bizeps, about which she has written an entire blog). She is very sympathetic, to know her errors and errors should not be a load for others.

She is also a rather attentive little gal and from her observation Rika could see what Maya was doing, and so she cautioned Maya against her deeds and explained that it could influence her and Shin-Ae's friend. Maya and Rika have a strong relationship because they always stay together in and out of the class.

Both have a common interest in things like a party and certain VIPs, but it is above all their characters that distinguish them from each other. Rika Maya, a ripe and conscientious girlfriend, often gives tips on how to handle her deeds. Since Rika and Shin-Ae have been good buddies for quite some time, they always stood by each other (this also applies to Maya).

She appreciates her boyfriendship very much and would not risk deteriorating it, so she would try to think about her and Maya's behaviour towards Shin-Ae. Thanks to Rika's dad, Rika and her boyfriends were able to participate in the mask-fest.

Rika's dad works for the Hirahara firm, which Kousuke Hirahara also belongs to. She finds Kousuke and his sibling not only personal attractiveness, but also considers him her father's chief.

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