Republic of Fiji

Fiji Republic

At the signing of the Consultation Plan between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Fiji. As in many areas of the Pacific, urban populations in Fiji are located in highly endangered areas of the coastal zone. Independent Commission against Corruption. Department of Health and Medical Services.

Ambassadorship of the Republic of Fiji

Vinaka Bula and Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Fiji in Japan, which is still one of the numerous gates to find out more about Fiji, its inhabitants and its population. The work of the Embassy in maintaining and strengthening bi-lateral relationships with its accrediting states Japan, the Russian Federation and the Republic of the Philippines, as well as strengthening symmetrical business relationships, is testimony to this.

Fiji's embassy in Japan is also the non-resident embassy for the Russian Federation and the Republic of the Philippines. To make Fiji in the region of East Asia and in the northeast of the world known. Promote good governance: Encourage good citizenship at world level by fostering political dialog and feed-back between accrediting states and Fiji at all government level on issues of importance at national, international and interregional level.

Advertising Fiji as a tourist destination: Attract tourism to Fiji through intensive advertising and promotion in Japan in cooperation with Tourism Fiji, Fiji Airways and appropriate agents in the accrediting states. Promotion of Fiji as a trading partner and investment port: In cooperation with Fiji's investment and trade and trade agency and institutions of accrediting nations in order to secure sales markets in Japan, Russia and the Philippines and to win investments and partnerships for companies located in Fiji.

Encouraging people-to-people networking: To promote and promote intellectually and culturally interchange between the communities and the grass-roots in partnerships with the accrediting states of the prefecture governments, local authorities and private sector institutions of citizens. Obtaining Fiji visitors' visa, advice on passports and other visa issues on Fijian immigration authority's request.

Fiji Republic: Flood Rescue Project (Sector)

A joint evaluation with the World Bank was carried out to address the plight and review the overriding needs and costs of the restoration of the infrastructures. Given that there was relatively low demand for infrastructures, it was decided that the World Bank would concentrate on the need for technological support in managing catastrophe risks.

There was also a thorough examination of the government's expenditure in connection with the restoration of infrastructures during the transitional period.

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