Raviz Kerala Resort 7 Star

Kerala Raviz Resort 7 Stars

First Seven Star Resort experience in India. Raviz Resort & Spa Ashtamudi is a 5 star deluxe resort in Kollam, Kerala, India. The cleanliness did not meet the standards of a 5-star hotel. Mathilil PO, Mathilil, Kerala. Welcome to Kerala Decadenz Raviz Resort & Spa, Kadavu!

First Seven Star Resort in India

I' m pleased to introduce The Raviz, India's newest and most luxurious resort on the shores of Ashtamudi Lake in Kollam, Kerala. Kollam's inherent beauties can be seen to be felt. It is a breathtaking place and an excellent place for vacation.

Its excellent architectural design and the notable use of locally sourced materials make it an exceptional and singular place. There are only 94 luxury, state-of-the-art guest rooms in this resort. This gives it an intimacy that you won't find anywhere else in the area.

Raviz Kollam is unique - a room full of meetings and feelings, steeped in the Kerala atmosphere, steeped in civilization and full of devotion to true sophistication. On August 18, 2011, this new breed of luxurious hotels will be open to demanding travellers who want to enjoy all the intensities and authenticities of true Kerala accommodation during their sojourn.

The guest rooms, which cover 5 hectares of gorgeous, luxuriant verdant garden, feature fine accents while offering the best comfort of modern living: Tower Rooms, Lake View Rooms, Private Pool Villas, Kerala Villas, a twin houseboat and the Royal Raviz State Room, the definitive luxurious room.

This resort specialises in large scale wedding receptions. Raviz has an all-inclusive world-class Ayurveda Spa that focuses on the well-being of its visitors by providing complete regeneration and wellbeing. Designed in collaboration with experts from Ayurveda's leading Ayurveda practitioners, each Signatura treatment comprises a relaxed, practical bodymassage routine that unites the power of tailor-made ethereal oil and herbal extracts.

Raviz awaits you in Kerala, known for its iconic warmth, to enjoy its services and superb amenities imbued with the value of a truly extraordinary Kerala heritage and atmosphere in India. There is a landing stage to take guests along the waterway in a cove along the path with a panorama look at the pond.

There are two major buildings that culminate in the lookout point, from which you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of the sea that encircles the islands and the dawn, dusk and the splendour of the sea on moons. Ayurvedic Spa is a roof-top paradise with stunning views of the Ashtamudi Sea, West Ghats and the countryside around the estate.

Travancore's most striking example of Travancore's ethnically and authentically wood architectural style is the entrance to the resort on the streets. Wind path connecting the veranda and foyer is a true reflection of Travancore's roof system. Walking through the hallway, you enter the foyer, which is a three-storey, roomy welcome area and all of a sudden surprises the large view of Lake Ashtamudi.

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