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We' ve selected a variety of delights from all over the globe, Kerala included, which you can enjoy during your time with us. If you are a roomed visitor and fancy a hearty lunch, our room dinette will certainly offer you something. Whilst the name itself suggests a full gastronomic journey through Kerala's aromas and scents, Keraleeyam also provides a large selection of multi-kitchen choices such as Northern India, Mediterranean, Europe and so on.

It offers a stunning lake panorama while in our Karimeen Porichupuratiyatha restaurants (pearl stains baked in a homemade marinade and decorated with homemade aromatic spices and crumbs of specific coconut), Alleppey Meen Curry (a local delicacy) and Crab Roast are just some of the delicious Kollam specialties that are waiting for you by the water.

You can either relax outside with the lake's refreshing scents or in the cosy surroundings of the house. As an aquatic sport club, Zirkon is a singular target for the inhabitants of the country, who are often looking for interesting event venues.

Featuring an envious array of classic car advertising on the wall and the best drinks, Zirkon is a paradise for those who love to tip.

Got to try shellfish in Ashtamudi, Kollam.

So, grab your suitcases and drive to the state of Kerala, also known as India's most green state. This was Kollam, an old town in Kerala, where the first overseas travellers started their journey to India. Collam is a seaside town with a maze of canals that form the famed Kerala Backwater.

Lake Ashtamudi, in the Kollam area, occupies about 30% of its territory and is the result of the merger of eight large fortifications. It' one of the most popular backwater in the state and is known for its house boats and resort facilities. In and around Ashtamudi there are many hotels for all types of bags.

A luxury cruise in the fascinating back waters is a must to catch the natural beauties of the fascinating birds, lively moths, verdant mounds, luxuriant greens and cristal clear back waters with many islets. A journey to Kerala is not completed until you have tried the delicious food.

Kerala's long coast with its net of streams and water bodies and its powerful fishery industries contributes to the many marine and freshwater meals offered here. Kerala, unlike its neighbors, prides itself on its great diversity of non-vegetarian foods. Although there are many courses with chickens, sheep and veal on the menu, it is the shellfish that are the focus of attention for the simple Malay man.

Shells, shrimp, squid, octopus, shells, shrimp, king prawn, sardine, tuning finfish, jackfish, pearl spotted cod and the fantastic lobster are some of the delicious meals that are readily available in most Kollam cuisine. The coconuts are the most widely used in Kerala. There are a few essential raw materials that make up most of these meals and the most favorite are the natural coconuts, which are abundant throughout Kerala.

It can contain cut or ground cores of coconuts, or as coir milks, if needed to be thickened. All the flavours of the newly prepared shell of chocolate are there to kill! Some of the other common ingredient used in these meals are curried chillies, dried chillies and dried grains of shouldard, which are used to temper the cuisine.

Local gambogos add flavour and light acidity to your local food. Some of the most tropical shellfish are available on the backwater. The best known is the'Karimeen Polichathu', which is the emblem of the Backwater. Here the exquisite pearly spotted marinade is wound in greens and grilled.

You can wish for more....and more! Also irresistibly delicious is another meal known as " fishy moilee " with its sauce using a base of chocolate and herbs. Since Keralites are mainly seafood and travelers, it is very popular on most menu and goes well with curry, roast and French-fried.

Another typical Kerala meal is taipioca and savoury curried seafood or kappa and meen curry, enjoyed by both the wealthy and the impoverished throughout the state. Further courses are shrimp and shrimp ketchup, shrimp ketchup,'Meen Peera', shellfish stir-fry,'Fish Mappaas' and various kinds of French fried fishi.

In Ashtamudi, to savour the genuine, local flavours of the kitchen, you must first get to the town of Kollam. It is well linked both by rail and motorways. Come and feast all your wits on your next trip to Kerala!

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