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It is the largest and most populous of the islands and is home to the international airport. The Cook Islands tourist information office with answers to frequently asked questions about the Cook Islands, answered by South Pacific expert Ian Osborn. Contacts for US, British, Canadian, Australian, South African, Irish and New Zealand. The Cook Islands Tourism Corporation is a Cook Islands tourist office in Cook Islands Location: "It will be a highlight of your visit to Rarotonga - an absolute must. Lack of resources and commitment to improve information collection and reporting systems.

The Cook Islands Tourist Information Office Frequently Asked Questions Cook Islands

Mm-hmm. Where are the Cook Isles? There are 15 Cook Isles in the Polyynesian Delta in the South Pacific Northwest. It is the principal isle of the Cook Isles with the capitol Avarua. What airlines are flying to the Cook Isles? Where' s the International Airport?

The Rarotonga International Airport is located on the northern shore only 3 km from Avarua Town. Cook Island is one of the most mild winters in the South Pacific from May to October, with daytime temperatures averaging 26º Celsius and falling to 18º Celsius at nights.

So what is the Cook Islands capitol? Situated on the northern Rarotonga coastline and surrounded by scenic hills, Avarua Town has just over 5,000 inhabitants - yes, it's mini!

Humans in the Cook Islands are of Polyynesian origin and are Maori. Can you tell us the Cook Islands money? Cook Islands use the New Zealand dollar and cent denomination. You can find ATMs and banking in Avarua Town, on the southern shore of Rarotonga and a banking office in Arutanga on the island of Aitutaki.

You will find currency change offices and an ATM at the Aiport. Visas and Mastercard are acceptable in most of Rarotonga and Aitutaki's stores and most of the hotel and resort establishments. Which electricity and sockets are available in the Cook Islands? Which tourist information is available? Next to the banana farm in the capital Avarua there is a tourist information center that provides free tickets and general information.

The majority of them have travel booklets and tourist newsletters for visitors. No, tips are not welcome in the South Pacific, although at the receptions of the various South Pacific countries a tip is often issued that is used either for the employees' Christmas party or for a joint projects.

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