Rarotonga Population 2016

Population Rarotonga 2016

Seventy percent of the approximately 15,000 inhabitants live on the island of Rarotonga. It is expected to be adopted in July 2016 after the public consultation. U.S. Embassy - Wellington, January 15, 2016.

("Government (2013) National Waste Policy and Strategy 2013-2016. Rarotonga has about 11,000 inhabitants, while Aitutaki has only 2,000.

Mángaia - the oldest Pacific Islands

Widely recognized as the oldest Pacific Ocean isle, gemologists estimate that the isle is at least 18 million years old. It is also the most southern of the Cook Isles and the second largest of the archipelago after Rarotonga. Mangaia, with about 700 inhabitants, is similar to Rarotonga with a large summit in the centre of the isle and a high rock ring of fossile corals.

Mangaia's 700 inhabitants live in three major towns on the isle. It is the largest city in the world and the largest one is situated in the city of Ivirua. The principal towns are Tamarua in the southern and Ivirua in the northeastern part of the city. Like all Cook Islands, Mangaia is divided into Puna (districts) and Tapere (sub-districts) under the control of Pava (district chiefs).

The city has a long tradition - an 18 million year old islet has experienced its part of transformation during this age. Prior to the colonization of the Missionary, Mangaia was governed by wild soldiers in a continuous battle for lands and harvests (source: Wikipedia). Like many of the South Pacific Isles, the first registered Europeans to reach Mangaia in 1777 was Captain James Cook.

Numangatini, or "King" John of Mangaia, is also said to have been welcomed by Queen Victoria on a journey to London and to have a Union Jack banner, which still stands today, albeit in two parts - one in Oneroa and the other in Tonga. Mangaia's local economies rely on its shell collars or'ice'.

They are made from the mussels of the small little bird, the doll, and are made by the islandwomen. It is very timeconsuming to make and is often presented as a valuable present to your loved ones, your families and your guests from other isles. The other articles that help the Mangaia industry are a basic diet for nutrition, coir and fiber.

It is also a favourite cultivated plant on the islands and Mangaia is one of the best in the Pacific. When you are fortunate enough to be visiting Mangaia, look out for the Mangaia Fulmar, a species that can only be found on the islands and is therefore regarded by Birdlife International as a "vulnerable" species.

However, if you visit the Isle of Mangaia, you should still have many ways to discover one - there are supposedly 400-700 Mangaia ice-birds on the Isle and they contribute to the breathtaking fauna that can be found all over the Isle. The Tiriara Sea is located in the southern part of the isle.

When you' re off the well-trodden paths and want to discover some of the other Cook Island, Mangaia is a great place to go on frequent Raro-Mangaia services. There are a wide range of accommodations available once you get there, such as Mangaia Villas, a chalet, a bungalow and a hotel.

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