The Rapaura is a village northwest of Blenheim, New Zealand. Our Rapaura Springs wines start their journey far away from our vineyards, at a point where the earth takes up part of the Wairau River. Rapaura Watergardens is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens and has a seasonal restaurant serving both breakfast and lunch. Rapaura Springs is at home in Marlborough: to live and create wines of character and beauty. In the Rapaura School we are introduced from within and without on the road to SUCCESSFUL REACH.

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Our wine's voyage begins far away from our vinyards, at a point where the earth takes up part of the Wairau. Following a six-month trip through a cliffy acquifer, the waters are transferred to a source that meanders through our vine. Fresh and clear waters for our grapes and the spirit of our estate.

The moderate marine environment allows a variety of wines to thrive. Whichever your tastes, we're sure to have a good one.

Water Garden Rapaura - Attractions

The Rapaura is an example of man in tune with the world. Plenty of indigenous shrubs and fern, water gardens, birdlife (boxes, fantails, silver eyes and forest pigeons), walking across footbridges and brooks and a bushwalk to a spectacular canyon. You can find local and foreign flower exhibitions. These are all dotted with gardens.

At the beginning of the 1960s, when Fritz and Josephine Loennig bought 64 hectares of scrub and pasture in the Tapu Valley, it was not clear to them that Rapaura would one of these days draw foreigners. The KORU in Rapaura, our café is open from October to April. Picknick place for the garden guests.

That is why we are offering wheelchair users FREE access to the gardens and their guide will take them to the large lilies lake, where they can spend a relaxing period in the surrounding area while their boyfriends and relatives go for a stroll in the gardens. Also New Zealanders; and some who came as kids themselves now bring their homes to Rapaura.

There is a wide selection of New Zealand handicrafts and memorabilia. The works of artwork exhibited on the site are Ponga statues by an award-winning painter. A Genesa stone is one of the works of artwork on show in the gardens. In Rapaura there is also one of Ian Trousdell's aquatic statues, a flow form.

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