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Maybe it is the Polynesian island Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. There are many companies offering complete travel packages. package) separately at one of the many Chilean tour operators or online. The Easter Island Rapa Nui Clan in clashes with the Chilean police.

Top 10 Easter Island Tours, Excursions & Excursions 2018

Experience the dramatically beautiful and lush Easter Island story on an all-day fascinating trip from Hanga Roa. See a fascinating panel of icons of Moai sculpture with an expert archaeologist guides, see the vulcanic hillsides and drama of the Rano Raraku stone pit and see the holy ceremonies in Ahu Akahanga.

Discover the old secrets of Easter Isle on a 4-day full day trip through the most mysterious sights of the Isle. Companied by an expert guidebook, you will see the atmosphere of the ruined Akahanga Antique Theatre; delve into the story of the haunting archaeological site of Ahu Akivi; and see intriguing collection of sculptures of Moai spread across the area.

Explore the most dramatic Easter Islands moais on a small group trip restricted to eight travellers. You will see the largest and most imposing vestiges of the old Easter Isle civilisation, from the tumbled sculptures of the south-west to the massive monumental sites on the east side of the isle. Discover the tales behind the statue at every location and explore what is known - and what will remain a secret - about Easter Island Moya.

This Easter Isle trip for your comfort involves pick up and return at all islands worldwide. Enjoy the Easter Islands cultural, historical and folkloric highlights on this small group outing. Accompanied by only eight other travellers, you will be guided to the most important sights of the entire country, such as Puna Pau, Rano Kau, Ahu Akivi and others.

Small group tours provide personal care and an informal ambience. Take the best of a unique journey to the famous archeological places on Easter Island on this personal one. Discover the story of your guide's sculptures before visiting less visited nature places such as Rano Kau and the Anakena bath.

Pick-up and return of the hotels and personal transport provide a pleasant and pleasant stay. As your cruiser enters the harbour of Hanga Roa, you will see the famous Ahu Rock Sculpture of Easter Island on an all-day outing. You will be guided by a qualified tour leader to the Ahu, Akahanga and Tongariki sanctuaries in Rapa Nui National Park.

Admire the'moai', a series of sculptured sculptures of man. Visiting the volcanic craters of Rano Raraku and the sandy beaches of Anakena, including lunches and harbour cruises. As your boat waits at the ferry station, you will admire the antique remains of Orongo, a stony town and ceremony site on the south-west shore of Easter Island.

This 4-hour land tour with a qualified tour guides explores a mystical civilisation in the Tahai Archeological Park in Rapa Nui National Park and visits Rano Raraku Volcano Craters. Catch the gripping Easter Island atmosphere with a beloved Polyynesian supper and a show by Hanga Roa. Get a glimpse of the traditions and cooking of the Rapa Nui civilisation by listening to your expert guides; get to know `umu pae', an old gastronomic tradition with warm volcano rocks; enjoy a tasty choice of meals that have been influenced by local specialities; and enjoy a music show of dancing and colour during a show that sheds light on the story of Rapa Nui.

The comfortable transport from and to our hotels is part of the package. Dive into the mysterious secrets of Easter Island on a fascinating half-day excursion on the southwest coastline. Visiting a range of icons in the Tahai Ceremony Centre, admiring some of the world' s most sophisticated stonework in the historic Orongo community and daring into the dark caverns to see old mural paintings.

Observe how ripples bounce against the coast's dramatic rocks and absorbs the pristine splendour of a volcanic caldera at Rang Kau, while you gain intriguing insights into the Rapa Nui world. Discover the archeological secrets of the Rupa Nui National Park on Easter Island on this exciting half-day outing.

Marvel at the striking "moai" rock carvings and get an impression of the fascinating story of the entire archipelago under professional guidance. Visiting the quaint port city of Hanga Piko, you will see a ceremony mai whose masonry has confused pundits for hundreds of years. Combinate three of the most beloved Easter Islands trips into an affordable package with this Super Saver offer.

Respect the icons of the island's statue of Mount Moy on a 3. 5-hour trip through the UNESCO-listed archeological places of Ahu Akivi, Ahu Vinapu and Puna Pau. The Tahai Ceremony Centre, Rano Kau and Orongo Town on a half days trip, then discover Rano Raraku and Anakena Beach on a full days trip with noon.

Do not overcrowd Easter Isle trips with this personal Easter Isle Cruise, which involves transportation from and to your accommodation. Visit Vinapu, Ahu Akivi and Rano Kau, Puna Pau stone pit, Orongo and the Ana Kai Tangata caves. On your way, a guidebook will tell you historic tales, which include a singular story about cannibalism.

For centuries, the mystical Easter Isles Easter sculptures have been captivating people with their enormous dimensions and puzzling origins. Discover the story of the legendary Easter Islands archeological site on this personal trip from your Easter Islands motel or harbour. Cruise around the entire archipelago with your guides, stop to see the most important monuments such as the Rano Raraku Statue and the Tahai Ceremonial Complex and listen to the tales that make the monuments so well known.

Explore and explore the secret of the mai and its structure with a qualified tourist guides who will take you through the archaeological remains of this one of a kind civilization in the canyon. A 7-hour trip takes you to the Rano Raraku stone pit, the place where the mai were cut and moved to their ahu, Ahu Tongariki the 15 amazing mai platforms, Te Pito Kura, the hub of the earth and so many other archaeological places related to mai and the Rapa Nui tribe and civilization.

Get the most out of your Easter Isle with this land trip, which reduces the number of participants to a bare essentials. A group of no more than eight persons will take you to O'rongo, the place renowned for the bird worship ceremony, Rano Kau, one of the three extinguished volcanos of the islands, the Akivi and Tongariki rock plateaus, and Rano Raraku, which is home to the mine where the old inhabitants of the islands constructed the mai.

Take an introduction to Easter Isle as your cruiser enters the harbour of Hanga Roa. On this 3-hour trip to Rapa Nui National Park, a highly qualified expert guides will pamper you with enigmatic stories about the Isle. Ahu Akivi, Ahu Vinapu, Puna Pau Quarry and Te Pahu Cavern and admire the seven impressive'moai' sculptures on a plateau facing the setting sundown.

Begin your exploration of the mystic Rapa Nui (Easter Island) with this 3-hour guided walking trip through the islands capitol Hanga Roa, incl. overnight stay. Explore the early settlers' story and see a unique woman's mai in Father Sebastian Englert's Anthropological Museum, see the listed Church of the Holy Cross and buy handcrafted items at an original handicraft fair.

A 4-hour trek takes you to the intriguing Easter Island caverns to see how this place was used by Rapa Nui humans as homes or makeshift lodgings or simply as grave goods and hiding places. In the company of a personal tourist leader you hike off the well-trodden paths and experience all important tourist caverns from the inside out.

They will also appreciate the vulcanic origins of the islands and their geographic formations.

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