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The Ransiki Town

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delete_upimg (id,obj){ if(id){ $.ajax({ url:'/Common/del_img', type:'POST', data:'imgId='+id, beforeSend:function(){ $(obj).html(' Ransiki is a Rajkot Gondal Block in Gujarat. According to the administrative documents, Ransiki's location codes are 513273. There are 325 houses in the town. Ransiki has 1527 inhabitants according to the 2011 census. There are 790 men, while the female counts 737.

There are 134 children aged 0-6 in this town. Alphabetization in Ransiki is 79%. In 1219 of a 1527 inhabitants are trained here. For men, the illiteracy ratio is 84%, as 668 of a group of 790 men are illiterate, while the illiteracy ratio for women is 74%, as 551 of a group of 737 women are in school.

Darkness is that the literacy rates in Ransiki is 20%. 308 of a population of 1527 are illiterates. The literacy figure here is 15%, as 122 out of a population of 790 men are literate. Among women the literacy rates are 25% and 186 out of a population of 737 women are illiterates in this town.

There are 989 people in work in Ransiki but 538 are unemployed. Please help us to discover your town. html(''+data.msg+''); $('#loginModal').modal('show'); } if(data.type===='error'){ $("#msgLayer").html(' Please fix bugs.

US Mission against Ransiki (Ranasiki) and Ransiki Airfield

ANNOUNCER: (5th AF) B-25s and A-20s are bombing Ransiki Airport near the Ransiki River. 1 June 1944(5th AF) AM-20s attacking goals of the occasion in Ransiki. 27 July 1944(FEAF) B-24 and B-25 bombing Ransiki's naval and aerial installations. P-39s are bombing Ransiki airport. 17 August 1944(FEAF) fighters meet cannon emplacements, camp areas and other objectives in Ransiki.

27 August 1944(FEAF) Jagdbomber meet Ransiki. The P-47s met Ransiki. A-20s, B-25s and fast attack aircraft at Ransiki Airfield. female computer: ( (FEAF)) Jagdbomber and A-20 meet Ransiki. 9 September 1944(FEAF) Jaegerobombers beat Ransiki. A-20s and combatants meet Ransiki. A-20s are beating A-A cannons at Ransiki. A-20s, B-25s and jet fighter planes have taken out Ransiki.

female computer voice: ( "FEAF") Jaeger planes have struck Ransiki airfield. 21 September 1944(FEAF) Jaegerobombers beat Ransiki. 23 September 1944(FEAF) P-47s and P-40s bombing AA cannons in Ransiki. 27 September 1944(FEAF) P-40s struck Ransiki airfield. 2 October 1944 (FEAF) P-40s assault Ransiki Airfields. 29 October 1944(FEAF) Jagdbomber meet Ransiki.

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