Rannalhi Adaaran Club, South Male Atoll. The Adaaran Club Rannalhi offers a relaxing beach holiday in above-water and beach bungalows. Situated on the white sandy beach of the South Male Atoll, the rooms of the Adaaran Club Rannalhi offer a wonderful view of the sea. Rannalhi Adaaran Club Rannalhi Independent Review of this hotel and resort the good the bad and the ugly all exposed. Please click here to see our guide to the Adaaran Club Rannalhi.

Rannalhi Adaaran Club, South Male Atoll, - reviews and packages

"I' ve just come back from a whole weekend in Rannahli. She offers great snorkeling and some other aquatic sports such as scuba-dive, kayaking and wind surfing in her aquatic sportsstore. Most of the visitors are Italian-speaking, as the residence was only in Italy for about 5 years. Our employees are fluent in English and some of the other foreign language.

I' m sorry that the last critic had such a difficult period, but I think maybe that's because they speak English, as the place doesn't seem to be very suitable for any language other than English and it'. When I got sick, the waiters at my desk came to visit me without being asked and brought me regular refreshments of ice teas and drinking soda.

The Rannahli is not a deluxe! Rooms are neat and modestly furnished, but the beaches, cliffs and waters are what you should wear there. The kitschy ltalian popular tunes at the cocktail lounge are not over and the drinks are average, but I didn't mind - where else could I see a one and a half meter broad sting ray swimming by while observing the sun set with a sip?

However we found exactly the same goods from the curiosity store on the Isle for an avarage 10% more expensively in Malà - so they are not out to blackmail you and overall the vacation was not so expensively for the amount of pleasure that we got out of it, not to speak of the brown.

To those who are not squeamish or have exaggerated complacency, I suggest you to use raannahli as a place for the Czech-flavoured family."

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