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Rangiroa's main surfing season is the rainy season between November and April. A professional surfing competition on Rangiroa Island in Tuamotu. Rangiroa Surf on Shore royalty-free stock video and stock footage. Quiet location overlooking the majestic pass of Avatoru and the surf spot of Rangiroa. The location guide for the tide station of Rahiroa Island (Rangiroa), which also shows the nearby tide stations and surf breaks.


Rangiroa's surfing is mainly rainy between November and April. Throughout this period of the year Rangiroa gets the end of the swelling, the Hawaii's North Shore. When you say the surf isn't always small. Hawaii's proximity to Polynesia gives the sea plenty of room to tidy up and deepen.

Located in the Tuamotu-Archipel and is the second biggest igloo in the whole and south. Comprising 75 km x 25 km, it also serves the biggest populations of the island. There is a wide range of corals and sand archipelagos that make up a large ocean.

It has only two sections of the lake that attract a wealth of sea creatures, as well as scuba diving enthusiasts who hope to get a look. Further rides in Rangiroa are the pearls and of course the surf. This right-hand bend of the North Passport is a world-class ripple and is a regular attraction for the talents of the Tuamotuan surfers Michel Bourez and the informal burgomaster of Teahupoo, Raimana Von Bastolaer.

Rangiroa residents are kind and welcoming, especially when they find that they are a surfers. Rangiroua also has some of the best scuba dive spots in the whole wide range. Favourite dive spots are the Blue Lagoon, Avatoru and Tiputa passes. The Rangiroa is a magic place where you can watch regular dolphin games in the passport.

Rangiroa's other favourite dive site is the renowned Blaue Lagune. In the southwest edge of the tunnel there is a smaller Laguna, which is divided from the mother structure by a Korallenriff. The flat stretches of sea underline the brilliantly clear turquoise colour of the sea.

The Rangiroa Atoll

Yangiroa is an islet in the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia. At the north tip of Avatoru is a high class right-hander with a wide range of sentiments. With three feet it is a beautiful frisky waves that winds around the riff at full speed. As soon as it is over one meter high, it becomes very difficult, since large drums excavate the flat thatch.

Don't let the children on the shore fool you. Surfing skills: Surfing guy: On-the-spot vibe:

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