Rangiroa French Polynesia Hotels

Yangiroa French Polynesia Hotels

Are you looking for an Independent in Rangiroa, French Polynesia? Avatoru Hotel Resort, French Polynesia. The Ecolodge Motu Mahani is situated on a beautiful sandy beach in Polynesia, on one of the highest points in Rangiroa. Booking dives with Topdive includes free pick up and return from the hotel. The GDS Codes: Expert in Rangiroa research.

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French Polynesia Rangiroa Hotels and Resorts

Novotel Rangiroa Beach Resort is situated on the shore of the lake in a large coir orchard. Only 3 min from the international airports..... Excursions and Activities in French Polynesia..... Find flights available in near-realtime, and take advantage of our promotions! Turn your next holiday with the whole host of families into an experience you will never forget.....

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Romanticism on Rangiroa at Kia Ora Resort & Spas

I would seriously consider to spend the following weekend at the Kia Ora Resort & Spa on Rangiroa in French Polynesia if my man and I hadn't been on our honeymoon 25 years ago. Rangiroa, part of the Tuamotu Archipelago, consists of small reefs that surround a brilliant aquatic lagoon more than 100 nautical mile away.

The Kia Ora employees gather at the airfield to take you to your hotels, greet you with a scented meadow of flowers and provide you with a supply of cool exotic juices in the open-air lounge as you tick in. There are 60 mansions and cottages in Kia Ora, all renovated in 2011. One of the most costly and secluded are the above-water bungalow placed along a promenade in the water.

However, the two types of accommodation that are on the shore and in the backyard are just as breathtaking, so it would be difficult for me to choose a favourite. These large thatched chalets (picture above) are just a few paces away from the sandy beaches, overlooking the lake and with a hammock between the palm trees.

Our home was in one of the thatched "garden villas", just a brief stroll from the shore. The best thing about it is that the gardens all have their own diving basins. If you and your lover decide to dive into your swimmingpool remotely behind a rock face, well, I'll never tell. These roomy, breezy summer cottages have a window front to the dipping basin and a glazed front leading into your own patio.

Next to the swimming pools, our patio had deck chair and a small dinner service desk, an outside showers and a sunbath. A more attractive place than the sweat in the training room is the inflinity swimming pools (above) between the Miki Miki Miki Bar and the resorts restaurants.

You can also enjoy a tapurumi - a Polish tradition in the Poekura Spas. Treatment takes place in one of the spas or in the open-air Tariff Pot'e, where the bar bedding, thatched ceiling and non-transparent drapes offer protection from the island's sundown. Te Rairoa offers breakfasts, lunches and dinners in a windowed room with a view of the pools.

Leaving the reserve, it is a 15 minute stroll to the end of the peninsula near the Tiputa Pass, where there is a grocer' shop and a few small caf├ęs; the Moetu snack by the water is serving delicious pooron cru and plain barbecued bluefin tuna with a view of the docklands. The Kia Ora has a range of kayak and snorkelling equipment for your use on the beaches or from the hotels.

Our friendly animation personnel also organizes various trips around the islands and on the sea. An outing is a full moon tour to the Blue Lagoon, a natural paradise that will fulfil every imaginable dream of a tropic islands. Isle of Tropics? In the Kia Ora Resort & Spa, isn't that what your honeymoon is about - or whatever you're planning for a romance outing?

Book directly at the hotels or via agoda.com. If you would like more information about travelling to Rangiroa and French Polynesia, please consult Tahiti Tourism. Hotelbericht by Carolyn B. Heller, bookwright Moon Handbooks: We' ve reduced the price for our sojourn at Kia Ora Resort.

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