Rakiura National Park

The Rakiura National Park

The Rakiura National Park is located on Stewart Island/Rakiura. The Rakiura National Park is a nature reserve on Stewart Island / Rakiura, New Zealand. National Rakiura Park's Great Walk & The Best Place to See Kiwi in their natural environment! Guiding to the tramping huts of Rakiura National Park, on Stewart Island: pictures, DoC category, cabin fee, berths, booking, heating, water, etc. Take a look at our guide to Rakiura National Park in Oban so that you can immerse yourself in the Oban offer before your departure.

Excursions in Southland

It takes either 20 minutes to get to the airport of Invercargill or one hours by Bluff/Ferryboat. Hitchhikers must be ready for the southerly climate, which can get rough, humid and draughty at any season of the year. The northwest and south routes are always muddy, and those who try to use them must allow floods in certain areas during the rain season.

We recommend a trip to the Rakiura National Park Visitor Centre in Oban before starting one of the longer hikes in Rakiura National Park as meteorological and route changes.

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