Raiatea French Polynesia

Rhaeatea French Polynesia

See this luxury house in Raiatea Raiatea, French Polynesia, French Polynesia. Large discounts on Raiatea Hotels, French Polynesia. Learn more about Raiatea, its tropical gardens and archaeological treasures. Below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions and activities that visitors can enjoy after their trip to Raiatea, French Polynesia:. Hauptnavigation - Travel Guide - French Polynesia - Îles Du Vent.

Ra'iatea & Taha'a Travels

The skipper and your crew on the ship will help you plan your precise route on the ship to create the French-Polynesian cruising experience you have always dreamed of. Arrival in Raiatea, shuttle from the international airports to the boats, welcome on the ship. Diving on the outer wall, 2 days with rosemary corals on sails just south of Raiatea.

Immerse yourself in the Te Ava Piti Passport (sharks, big tuna, barracuda, eagle ray,....), one of the most spectacular in Polynesia. Scuba diving on a 1900s shipwreck, 53 metres long Tag 3 Scuba diving into the Te Ava Piti Passport and/or visiting Uturoa, the capital of the Isle.

Visiting a maritime (old holy place) or the Faaroa Rivers, by kayaking and/or excursion to the sea and snorkelling on the water. This is a small islet on the wall of the sea canal. Overnight dives on the shipwreck with grouper. Snorkel in the Korallengarten or diving in Korallenkathedralen. Diving in Tiva Pass: wonderful fall off with amber corals, day 5 navigating to Bora-Bora (about 5 hours).

Diving in the laguna, turtles, eagle ray, corals. In Povai Bay anchoring; it is possible to have supper at the Bloody Mary Day 6 Drift Dove in the Laguna, in hallways, looking for Common Aagle Ray. Diving on the outer sandbar, with freshwater shark navigation eastward of Bora Bora, mooring next to a moto.

Morning 7 Two mantas or stingray and stingray snorkelling trips in the Laguna at Vaitape Jetty, Bora Bora. Transfers to the international airports or to your Bora Bora lodging.

Boat trip in Raiatea, French Polynesia

This is the best way to explore the Raiatea Laguna and see its wildlife. Explore the Laguna with your mates, your boyfriends or your partners and canoe along the deeps. With your leader you will probably have the opportunity to watch skates, tortoises and even shark!

Following a brief introduction, you will be taught how to position yourself on the plank. There is a choice between a 2-hour, a full-time or even a weekly outing.

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