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Sightseeing on the island of Rab. Rab Island and the town of the same name are located on the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea. The official website of the Tourist Office on the island of Rab in Croatia. It is an island in Croatia and a town of the same name off the northern Croatian coast in the Adriatic Sea. You can find hotels on the island of Rab online.

Island Rab, Croatia: Immerse yourself in the Adriatic's regal hiding place

The little-known island of Rab, near the shimmering Kvarner Gulf near the coast, had an unforeseen 15-minute glory in the summers of 1936. According to folklore, during their visits the island administrations gave them a nudist bathing permit in the near Kandarola cove, which explains the naturalist approach to the area.

It is one of the smaller Croatian islets. When I explored the city early that night, ducked through fracturing arches and climbed up the alleys, I felt as if I was climbing the deck of a gorgeous stonegalleon, full of treasure. Next morning I learnt more about the island's proud of its legacy.

The city of Rab and its people were definitely under its charm. "He said, "Take something special for the shore. Aw - the shore! Unconsciously I walked along the harbor and wondered which beaches to pick for my last one. "I didn't bring a towel," I liarled, blushed angrily - and sank on the city' s shore to have my Rab cakes.

Rijeka is the closest international airfield in Rab. Yadroliniya (00 385 51 666 111; Yadroliniya. hr) runs a catamaranservice from Rijeka to Rab Town for 80 HRK (£7.65) each way (one h, 50 minutes). hr) has a coach and boatervice from Rijeka, which crosses the island of Stinica, 100 km southward of the town, for 119 HRK/£11.40 each way (about three hours).

Travelling to Rab Island

Rab (Arbe in Italian) has some of the most varied scenery in the Kvarner area and was declared a geo-park in 2008. While the more heavily settled southwestern coastline has pinewoods and sandy shores, the north-eastern coastline is a wind-whipped area with few villages, high rocks and a sparse appearance.

Lopar peninsula has the best sand and sand shores. One of the island's historic and artistic highlights is the charming town of Rab, which is characterized by four stylish belfries from the old stony road. At the height of the island's summers, when it is flooded by tourists, it still feels like exploring the old town and fleeing to almost empty shores, just a short cruise away.

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