uako is a place of census (CDP) in Hawai?i County, Hawai?i, United States. Booking your Puako, HI apartments online. A small fishing village, it has developed to a large extent into a holiday home on the beach.

Explore Puako, Hawaii with the help of your friends. Coarsely vaulted ceilings with high windows and views of Maui, the Kohala Mountains and Puako Bay.

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uako is a place of expedition (CDP) in Hawai?i County, Hawai?i, United States. In the 2010 survey, the total number of people was 772,[1] compared to 429 in the 2000 one. uako is on the western side of Hawaii Islands at 19°58?W 155°50?W / 19.96750°N 155.84667°W / 19.96750; -155.84667 (19.967500, -155.846667).[2] It is bounded to the Pacific Ocean to the West and Waikoloa Village to the Easter.

Route 19 of Hawaii marks the east boundary of Puako and runs 14 northeastern 14 km (23 km) to Waimea and 28 km (45 km) to Kailua-Kona in the South-West. In the 2000 census[3], 429 persons, 215 homes and 118 couples lived in the Czech Democratic Party (CDP). Inhabitants per sq. m. (16.1/km²) were 41.6.

It had 702 residential areas with an median densities of 68.1 per sq. m. (26.3/km²). Hispanics or Latinos of any breed were 3.26% of the people. Some 215 homes had 14.9% of which had under 18s, 42.3% were newlyweds who lived together, 7.9% had a woman household without a spouse and 45.1% were non-families.

31.6% of all homes were single persons and 4.7% had a single person aged 65 or over. They had an avarage domestic population of 2.00 and an avarage domestic population of 2.43. The Waialea Beach in Puako, local known as "Beach 69" based on the number on a power post that used to stand next to the park.

The CDP had a distributed demographic of 11.7% under 18, 4.9% between 18 and 24, 26.6% between 25 and 44, 41.7% between 45 and 64 and 15.2% over 65. Mean average was 48 years. In the CDP, the average earnings for a budget were 60,250 dollars, the average earnings for a single host families 81,176 dollars.

Men had an average salary of $37,500 compared to $31,250 for women. CDP' per capita earnings were $63,857. No family and 3.1% of the total live below the minimum level of livelihoods, none under the age of eighteen and 4.2% of the over-64s.

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