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During your physics or mathematics lessons, "tau" probably rhymes with "like" or "cow", which is the correct pronunciation for the modern Greek letter. At Theta Tau we use the Greek pronunciation for "tau", which rhymes the word with "saw". Tau-Zeta is an interesting combination in Greek: This pronunciation requires Adobe Flash Player. d] as ??

(nu + tau), and[g] as ?? (gamma + kappa), or as ?? (double gamma).

About UIUC Theta Tau | FAQ

F: What kind of organisation is Theta Tau? ASTA: Theta Tau is a group of professionals. Theta Tau's aim is to build and sustain a high level of vocational interest among its members and to bring them together in a powerful family. What separates us from a brotherhood is our emphasis on professionality as a shared objective.

Nevertheless, we organize many societal activities, such as intermural sport, camp and futernity pootluck lunches, all of which promote brotherliness. F: Is Theta Tau Co-Ed? Co-ed National Professional Fundernity; we are recruiting high-performing men and woman. Co-ed has been Theta Tau since the lat 1970s. F: Do I have to be an engineering to join Theta Tau?

One of the following University of Illinois Engineer programs while making a promise: As soon as you are privy to Theta Tau, you are a lifetime member, even if you change major subjects. F: Is Theta Tau an honorary association? We are sponsoring the fellowship and need a certain GPA for inaugurates.

F: Why should I consider Theta Tau? ASTA: What makes Theta Tau great is the evolution of its members. This area between brotherhood and honour enables us to provide an atmosphere in which our young people can develop their academic, vocational and personal lives. It is a powerful occupational and societal networking that lasts a lifetime.

and A: Theta Tau is an open invite for qualifying student to find out about Theta Tau membership. As a rule, the first few months of the autumn and early semester are when you start to work. You will see a sign saying "Rush Theta Tau. "Theta Tau hosts a number of sushi parties including the distribution of pizzas, bowl, barbecue and sporting games.

It is during this period that you first get to know the members of Theta Tau and they get to know you. It is the goal to let the Theta Tau brethren know that you are interested in participating. You' ll also be learning about the Brotherhood and the forthcoming pledging procedure so that you can make an educated choice about accession.

Throughout the two week long program, you will be encourage to attend as many Rally Weeklies as possible. Imagine yourself to the members and ask them about Theta Tau. By the end of the express time, the members of Theta Tau will elect who will be offered an offer to proceed with the pledging procedure.

One commandment is a proclamation to promise a brotherhood. Bidding is made to Russians who have proven to be good members of Theta Tau. In order to get a offer, come to the urgent meetings. You should immediately after the urgent meetings hand in the application for an " Interviews Sign-Up " on our website.

Pauling " Theta Tau is a student's lasting commitment to become an activist member of the Brotherhood. When you decide to take an expanded offer, you will go through the pawning procedure. Approximately 6 months are required for the pledges. While you are there, you will hear about the story of the Brotherhood, important facts about Theta Tau, and you will bind yourself together with your confreres and soon be brethren of the Brotherhood.

Every pledging takes about one hours. During the entire pledging term, different demands are made on the pledging. Theta Tau's deposit lessons teach you team work, career advancement and what it means to be a member. F: Are there any demands on Theta Tau? When you know you are away, promises should be made to the deposit marshal; members should turn to the clerk.

To Theta Tau, there is a strong no haze politics. In our section, "hazing" is defined as an act or circumstance deliberately designed to cause psychological or bodily inconvenience, distress, annoyance or mockery on or off-site. F: Can I still join Theta Tau if I am already in another brotherhood?

a. Yes, as long as the other confraternity, whether socially or honorary, is not a rival brotherhood with theta Tau. Q: How do I say the "Tau" in Theta Tau intonation? During your physical or mathematics lessons, "tau" probably is rhyming with "like" or "cow", which is the right pronunciation for the contemporary Grecian type.

In our name, however, "tau" is rhyming with "saw" or "law", which is the pronunciation for the classic Grecian name. For further information, please consult the Rush Chairman or Pledge Marshal.

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