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Christie's Private Islands by Christie's International Real Estate is a new program that combines the full range of Christie's outstanding services. The Espanto Cayo has villas with one bedroom on the beach, two bedrooms on the beach and a bungalow for a stay on its private island. Newest tweets from Private Island (@PVTILND). Hire your own private island and let OS Private Travel ensure that every specific requirement is met. Booking an idyllic private island in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean and enjoy peace, seclusion and barefoot luxury with Caribtours.

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You' ve just purchased a private island. And now what?

It' a seven acres island off the shore of Belize, encircled by clear sea and an unspoilt barriere islet. There probably isn't a plumber on your new island. √ĘThis is when you call someone like Doug Kulig, the general manager of the Miami-based Architects and Developers OBMI.

Mr. H. has planned and constructed a 23,500 square meter property on a remote tip of the Virgin Islands, a hilly area on the southwestern Antigua coastline and other homes and resort properties throughout the Caribbean. "The island can have ecological problems, use problems, you have to realize when you get a clear name for the country," says Kulig.

"Then you' ll find out what the copyrights are." I hope you did this before you bought it, but the countless permits for rules, limitations and procedures can still take three to six-month. You also need to find out how you want to get to the island.

When you plan to go to a near airfield and take a flat to the island, great. The same applies to the construction of a runway.) Kulig advises to proceed carefully: In order to supply this energy-intensive RO system with electricity, you need photovoltaic modules and devices to save this electricity (or run an submarine cord from the next electricity source), and to handle it once you have used it, you need some kind of wastewater treatment/recycling plant (you probably want your crystalline oceans to remain that way), which in turn will require even more of it.

He says Kulig cannot predict how much it would take to get an island up and run. Doesn't involve sun, rain, docks or scenery, or whether you want to buy a 5-ton A/C system or not." "No way," says Kulig. Decorators are a luxurious commodity in the urban environment, but for a secluded island where you need to decide which furnishings are best weathered, which materials are more susceptible to decay and which surfaces are better at dealing with moisture, an interiors designer or decorative designer is nearer a need.

"They could take their New York-based designer to build the building, and she could ask a nearby architectural firm for help," says Kulig.

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