Pr Photo Size

Pro Photo Size

PICTURE: Photos of male genitals. Please click on the picture to see it in full size. Jim's PR Photo Packet can be downloaded as a compressed zip file. Click with the right mouse button on the image in full size and select "Save image as" from the options. Make beautiful, personalised prints with our online photo printing service.

Japanese passport / visa photo requirements and size

If you are travelling to Japan, make sure your card is operational, including a conforming Japan photo. To make sure your photo is enough, try our simple Japan photo pass photo services.

Simply use the hints in our quick guide below to send a matching photo to our professional staff and we will have it available for collection within 24h. Should you need a visas (or are not sure), please visit You' ll be saving your own hassle and your own costs if you apply with their great services.

Size: 35mm x 45mm. Size and head position: Size and size (pixels): at least 600 diap. Amount needed for the application: 2. as you can see, some information is needed if you are considering a photo for a pass or visas. Photograph size must be the precise 35mm x 45mm.

Also, give a distance of 2-6mm from the top of your skull to the border of the photo. You have to take all the pictures in the last six month. Everything older may result in a refusal and delays in applying for your residency permit or your visas. It is unacceptable to take an under-exposed, over-exposed, or shaded photo.

This photo must show your real complexion. A very important detail about passes and visa is every kid you are planning to take on vacations outside of Japan must have their own documentation. An individual photo for each kid is also included. Photographing kids, especially toddlers, can be difficult, but we have a few hints and upsides: we can help you:

Every kid has to be shot individually. The above provisions regarding the photo's size, illumination and other photo detail shall be applicable. There' a lot of places these days to get a visafoto-pass. They can take a more common route and have pictures taken with the goverment, the mail or the grocery shop, but it will costs you something.

The price for a photo pack is about 1000 Japanese centimes. That sums up especially if you need pictures for your whole group. I' ll give you some pictures for 647yen. All of our employees work to ensure 100% legal adherence before they send the photographs with each job offer.

This easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial allows you to finish the capturing of your photo passports or visas without any problems. You can repeat the photo as often as you like if you don't like it. When you have a smart phone or tray, you can use our photo cabin and hand in your own photo from the convenience of your home or work.

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