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A great dinner at the Tree Top Restaurant in Portoroz!

Porto Roz Slovenia, Lakes & Mountains Holidays 2018 2019

Take a hovercraft ride to this enchanting town. Hike over the Rialto Bridge, pay a stop at the Doge's Palace or take a cable car along the channels (without an ocean taxi). This is a beautiful trip to the beautiful Lake Bled and your opportunity to see Slovenia's capitol Ljubljana. Spare free to shop or discover the beautiful old town.

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Porto? (Italian: Portoros, verbatim "port of roses")[4] is a city on the coast and in the karst area of Slovenia. The city of Portoro?/Portorose is an ADRIAT coast city in the municipality of Piran/Pirano in southwestern Slovenia. The first spas marked the beginning of its contemporary evolution at the end of the nineteenth cent. At the beginning of the twentieth centur y, along with Opatija/Abbazia, Lido and Grado, became one of the largest bathing towns in Central Europe, then as part of the Austrian Coast.

In the center is the Hotel Palace, once one of the most important resort of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and today one of the best hotel between Venice and Dubrovnik. It has a small multinational airport[5], but is only used by charters and general airlines. From and to Piran all busses stop inortoro?.

There is a 15-minute connection between the town of Portoroz and Piran, Bernardin and Lucija. LifeClass Portoroz Terme & Wellness[6] offers a range of spa, medicine and wellbeing. Spoil yourself in 7 different spa centers on over 10,000 sqm. There is a free of charge shuttles between Portoroz and the near Piran, a wonderfully conserved jewel of a town.

Pororo? Airport

Arrive in the security and intimacy of a small airfield that offers every individual traveller a close encounter and explore the secluded places with a touch of the Mediterranean. Sense the rhythm of Portoroz, a city with a rich culture, only 5 km from the international airports and immerse yourself in the endless alleys of the city.

The Aerodrom Portoroz is the third Slovenian foreign airfield with a 1200 meter long asphaltcover. There is an aircraft fuel and fuel depot, hanger, flight academy, outside patio and a shop, car park, mail, etc. Because of the gentle atmosphere, the airfield is an excellent place for pilots' education and practice all year round.

The Portoro? airfield has a long history, first-class service and a warm and welcoming attitude towards every single client. You can watch the activity on the ground on the terrace of our hotel, enjoy a cup of tea or a choice of Slovenian and world cuisine.

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