Port Vila Vanuatu Map

Vanuatu Port Vila Map

Port Vila Vanuatu map. Port Vila / MMI III (Weak shaking). Port/MMMI V (Moderate shaking). Port Vila / MMI IV (slight shaking). National Disaster Management Office.

Airport Port Vila

If you fly to or from Port Vila airport or simply pick up someone up from their flight to Port Vila, here you will find the latest information you need about Port Vila airport. Find current arrival times and departure times, the latest Port Vila news and weather or read the latest tweets from Port Vila Airport directly from their Twitter feeds.

Use our helpful maps and videos to make sure you find the easiest way to Port Vila airport. You can search for flights from Port Vila airport by month to find the cheapest day to fly, or even all year round. Are you looking for a hotel at Port Vila airport ?

Airports près de Port Vila : Afficher tous les aéroports de Vanuatu.

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Temperate Seismic - Port-vila, Vanuatu

Building sides and frameworks, as well as partitioning and false ceiling in business premises, can squeak. Light damages to low standart structures. Damages to a few faint house smokestacks, some can drop. Significant damages to the frangible content of a building. A low-grade building torn by a few small lintels.

Some cases of damages to common types of building. Most non-reinforced house smokestacks are broken and often fall from the roofline. Few damages to tile veneer and render or concrete lining. Hanging ceiling corrupted. Building with low standards badly compromised, some collapsed Building with normal finish badly compromised, some with some collaps.

Partially corrupted ferroconcrete brickwork or building. Few damages to structures and footbridges that have been constructed for seismic events. Several infills before 1965 are broken. Some tile veneer broken after 1980. Decaying heaps of wood from homes destroyed. The most nonreinforced house smokestacks are broken, some under the roofline, many pulled down.

Many low level properties were demolished. Usual workhouses badly broken, some collapsing. Defective ferroconcrete walls or building, partly with collaps. Building and bridge construction that can withstand severe earthquake conditions, some with rigid frame. Damages or lasting distortions to some constructions and footbridges that have been constructed and constructed according to common usage norms.

Tile veneer drops and releases the frame.

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