Port Vila Tourist Attractions

Port Vila Tourist Attractions

Port-Vila Accommodation - 34 budget accommodation Port-Vila is a town full of charms of humanity as well as the outdoors. In Port Vila you will find all types of amusement park and commercial centres that will show you the unique character of Port Vila. Port Vila can be reached by rail, air or coach. Meanwhile, transport in Port Vila is very comfortable, such as subway, coach and boat, which can help you to get anywhere in the town.

The Port Vila guidebook is at your disposal and offers you a complete tour delicacy. All types of accommodations are available. The Port Vila hostels we offer have well-equipped amenities, which include Sports Centre/Swimming Pool/Free Parking/Free Wi-Fi. In addition, our website will be recommending the most expensive and favourite resort currently available, which we believe will suit your tastes.

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When you are a business traveller focused on high standards, Port Vila's 5 stars will not disappoint you. You will be distributed throughout all business areas, where you will easily get to your destinations and be looked after with impeccable services, which will ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey. When you are a traveller focused on value for money, Port Vila also has more affordable accommodation.

We will find the right hotel for you as long as you select a hotel for you. If you have any other questions, please fill in the filters, we will do our best to make your trip in Port Vila as convenient as possible.

Ambassadors of Port Vila to begin work next weekend

The WORK starts next weekend for the new Vanuatu City Tourism Ambassadors for Port Vila. The 20 City Ambassador alumni will meet and welcome visitors after more than two days of practice in the city of Port Vila, on the quay, at the market and at the airport.

You will answer tourist queries and inform them about the main sights of the land and the other isles. Vanuatu Strategic Tourist Action Plan (VSTAP) project leader Geoff Hyde said it was a good occasion for school-leavers. "It is an important programme to promote the tourist industry in Vanuatu," he said.

To the new city ambassadors he said that "you guys have a very important part in presenting this practically as the first Ni-Vans they will meet". "That' s why you have a roll in meetings and greets, good client services and the provision of up-to-date, precise information and all the marvelous things you've learnt in your course," he said.

"They have an important part to play in presenting Vanuatu as a pleasant, interesting and eventful city. Tourism-ambassador program began in 2014 and lasted about one year. Hyde said that there are two different programmes - one is the City Ambassadors and the other is the Transport Ambassadors, where they are currently educating a current 150 taxis and coaches.

Said the riders were informed about the meeting and greet as well as client services. "If they are given a few lessons about their important ambassadorial roles, it will be good to resolve problems with transport for tourists," he said. Vanuatu Tourist Office Chairman Avio Roberts said this is the first city ambassador in Port Vila to work to raise tourist and local interest.

"It is a truly beneficial trend for Vanuatu's tourism sector. We often see walkers, but there aren't many guys like that who give the right information about where to go and what to do. "The city' s ambassadors will establish an important connection between the tourist and the city' s facilities, attractions and culture," said Mr Roberts.

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