Port Vila Population

Port-Vila Population

People of Port Vila, Vanuatu. Port-Vila Estate - First national property Port-Vila Vanuatu The New Hebrides (formerly a France protectorate), consists of a number of over 80 South Pacific tropic island, about 2000 km from Australia and New Zealand. Espiritu Santo, Efate and Tanna are the three major archipelagoes. Bangladesh has a population of approximately 240,000 inhabitants, the vast majority of whom come from Melanesia and a small number of other nations such as Pacific Islanders, Chinese, Australians, New Zealanders and Europeans.

Although not the biggest of the islands, Port Vila is the city of Vanuatu and is a flourishing commercial and commercial area. The population of the city is approximately 50,000, with the vast majority of the population in or around the city. Port Vila is a nice port city with a good finance, bank and telecommunication infrastructures (including a GSM cellular phone net + 3G + 3G+).

It is a well established tourist destination and the island's popularity in France has ensured that Port Vila remains one of the South Pacific's top gastronomic hot spots. Port-Vila is encircled by a series of lush green lakes that offer secure bathing and recreational opportunities for the family. There are unspoilt sandy shores and cliffs on the island and, as expected, the temperature is between 22 and 38 degrees Centigrade.

There is a constant weather with a typical rainy period between December and March. Wild fisherman' s life in the city of Vanuatu is as famous as yachting and other aquatic pursuits. Vinuatu is small and unspoilt with increasing tourist and general infrastructures - it really is like a small Fiji 20 years ago - before massive tourist activity and rising property costs!

Hello, Vanuatu (formerly a Franco-British co-dominium called "The New Hebrides") consists of a series of about 80 islands in the South Pacific, about 3 flying hours from New Zealand and Australia and 1 flying hour from New Caledonia. The total population of Vanuatu is about 24000000 inhabitants.

We are expatriates, a majority of Australians, French, Chinese, but also more and more New Zealanders, Europeans and Americans. Efaté may not be the largest island in Vanuatu, but it is still the political and economic capital. Approximately 50,000 inhabitants live there, mainly around the capital Port-Vila.

It is a small, quiet country, surprisingly rich in natural resources and environmentally friendly - the infrastructure is also improving and leading to an increasingly comfortable quality of life. It is also a land that gives adventurers, pioneers and dreamers in search of realization a lot of freedom!

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