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Fitzroy Port Large Barrier

Port-Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island. The Great Barrier Island Institutions has reopened! - FitzFoy Boat Club, Port Fitzroy Traveller ratings

Took a few nights on Great Barrier Island in December and was pleased to see the Boat Club reopened under new directors. There I had supper and lunches and was struck by the calibre of the meal. Surprising position, just a few minutes on foot from the quay and lots of open air area.

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Port-Fitzroy Boat Club: It' a challenge to run a bar in one of New Zealand's most remote areas.

Catherine Olsson was one of New Zealand's most remote places to be rescued. Two years without work in Matakana proved to be an extremely costly vacation for the long-standing commercial agent Catherine Olsson. For 14 years Olsson had worked for a safety company, which was taken over by a competing company.

Meanwhile, the Port Fitzroy Boat Club, the tavern, had shut down on a foothill with stunning view of the Rarohara Bay of Great Barrier Island and beyond. North Barrier Residents and Ratepayers Association, the owner of the bar, advertised on Trade Me for someone to buy the rental and re-open the shop.

But Olsson never saw this ad. It was a random excursion to Fitzroy instead, which put her in the picture. She was interested in the bar and the isle. It also had at its disposal a vitally important restaurant and catering assets - a cooking lover willing to take the leap abroad.

The number of boats has dropped this past summers, possibly due to a string of summers thunderstorms, one of which led to the collapse of the mussel festival. In some cases, ferryboats do not sail or arrive in the south port of Tryphena instead of in the Fitzroy. "So everybody needs everybody else.

One cannot live alone and must help each other," says Olsson. Mr Olsson is confident that one of the brewers could help with this issue. "When you tell things to folks, they're all very understanding," says Olsson. Olsson's move to Port Fitzroy was a life style and store move.

The management of the company becomes simpler with a solid workforce of top-notch employees. But Olsson is thinking about taking the year after year into the new year.

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