Population of the South Island

South Island Population

People of Christchurch 2018 (Demography, Maps, Graphics) Chrishchurch is a town in New Zealand. Situated on the South Island, it is the most populated town in the area. It is not only the most densely populated town on the South Island, but also the third biggest in the whole state.

The most recent population estimate from 2017 shows that the town has 396,700 inhabitants, while the town itself has 381,500 inhabitants. It has inhabitants from all over the word. Most of the population was initially from the United Kingdom, with over 21,000 inhabitants from the area.

And there are also over 6,800 inhabitants who were initially native to China, over 5,500 who were native to Australia, and over 3,100 who came from the Philippines. The other inhabitants are South Koreans, South Africans, Indians, Samoans and Americans. It is also home to most Pacific Islanders on the South Island.

Approximately 62% of these individuals live in Christchurch. More than 83% of the inhabitants come from Europe and are thus far above the national mean of 74%. Archeological proofs show that the area was first populated in 1250, but the town was populated by Europeans in the 1840s. It was the first town in New Zealand to be founded as a town by a King's Constitution.

It began to evolve, and most of the Gothic rebirth houses that still exist today were constructed during this period. In the course of the 20th century, the town experienced further expansion. It has also contributed to catastrophes, which included a fire that claimed 41 lives in 1947 and several 2010 seismic events.

After the earthquake, the town began to quickly reconstruct itself, especially in the case of housing. As part of the city's renovation plans, around 50,000 apartments will be built by 2028. It now has commercial districts, the town centre known as Cathedral Square, which is currently being reconstructed, and many art and culture venues.

In recent years, the town has experienced a rapid population increase that exceeded 300,000 by the 1996 poll. A number of population decreases have been recorded in recent years, particularly following the earthquake at the beginning of 2010. But as the town is pursuing a rapid reconstruction programme, population increase again.

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